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MY HOUSEHUSBAND Ikaw Na: the movie to beat in 2011 MMFF

This year's Metro Manila Film festival (MMFF) is going to be fierce!!!!That's for sure. As the film festival approaches, the competition heats up. That's both for the box office figures starting December 25 and the Awards Night on December 28. 

MY HOUSEHUSBAND Ikaw Na is one of the movies included in this year's MMFF and I have been blogging heavily about it, just in case you didn't notice. The movie doesn't have much exposure in terms of television advertisements but is making a lot of buzz in the online community. Several films this year have proven that social media can stir the Filipino audience into supporting a particular flick. I need not to say examples. Point is, I will be queuing the cinemas comes December 25 and will be talking extensively about it in my social media accounts. To be honest, I am crossing my fingers for this movie. In the end, when people see a good material, they talk about and recommend it to others. All we are doing right now is buzz creation, that is, telling people that there is such a movie entitled MY HOUSEHUSBAND, but the real test will be when it starts playing in theaters......

MY HOUSEHUSBAND Ikaw Na: the movie to beat in 2011 MMFF

But my God, this movie is starred by real life couple Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos. Come on, Judy Ann Santos? She's one of the best actresses of our generation, and Ryan Agoncillo? He's proven that he can do more than hosting. Remember Kasal, Kasalo, Kasali? Yeah, now you get what I mean. But MY HOUSEHUSBAND is not another installment of Kasal, Kasalo Kasali okay. It touches on a different issue of family life.

Here, Judy Ann Santos plays Mia, a mother and a wife who is the sole breadwinner of her family. She is married to Rod, (Ryan Agoncillo) who is a househusband. In short, house bum. But he is not the usual househusband-tambay type. While Mia works for a living, Rod takes care of the house and looks after the kids which is no simple task. During the GRAND PRESSCON last week, Ryan and Judy Ann repeatedly said, it's okay to be a househusband, wag lang yung palamunin version. I agree. But whether the movie will be able to justify that to the viewers, we'll wait and see.
Judging on the trailer, it's a light,feel good movie with humor that's not over-the-top. That we can be sure of. Por Dios, kung ang director ba naman ay si Direk JOEY REYES!!! Expect it to be wacky but with class. He is one of my favorite directors. One the gems of the local movie industry.
At syempre di pwedeng walang conflict sa movie, it will be a bore ayt? That's where Eugene Domingo's role being "the other woman" comes into play.She happens to be the caring neighbor who happens to develop a special friendship with Rod (Ryan Agoncillo) , and where the conflict sets in. 

Eugene Domingo said she liked her character here as she has never played the role of a mistress before nor a bestfriend to a straight guy. "Even in real life, I have lots of girl and gay friends but very few straight guys so I am tackling my role here from a fresh point of view"" Eugene mused during the presscon.

This is gonna be one WACKY MOVIE where important life lessons could be learned.
Of course everybody's also looking forward to the awards night. Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo and Eugene Domingo's acting prowess will definitely weigh in.
My HOUSE HUSBAND Ikaw Na also stars Rocco Nacino
With Judy Ann Santos who has been in show business for 23 years and has done 70 movies, many of which have won awards for her from many prestigious award giving bodies, Ryan Agoncillo who has proven that he is more than tv hosting, comedienne  Eugene Domingo who has been winning awards left and right in the past 5 years and Direk Joey reyes who himself is no stranger to awards, the movie is set to be a leading contender in this years MMFF AWARDS NIGHT.

My Househusband: Ikaw Na! is produced by OctoArts film and is set to open December 25.


  1. wowowowo.

    :D naks, ikaw na ang nakakasama sa ganyang event.

    Pero baka mag Segunda Mano me. lols :p

  2. yeah.will also watch that one.naku--3 na panunuurin namin ni wifey and our bestfriend marvin.ubusan ng salapi!!!lols

  3. mukhang masaya nga ang movie ito.Panonourin ko ito panigurado

  4. star studded, it seems like it's gonna be a fun movie. Hope it wins an award sa mmff.

  5. Great movie! Watched its premiere. It's a great treat for your family this Christmas!

  6. guys! would you know kelan sila maglalabas ng dvd? nagpapabili kasi ang mga tita ko from the states. saw the movie, aliw talaga


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