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MOSHI KOSHI Shaw Boulevard: the Noodle Boss

Learned about this new Japanese restaurant along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong so we checked it out. It opened less than a month ago but it has been making quite of a commotion these days as I heard they have good noodles. The resto, MOSHI KOSHI, the Noodle Boss.


KOSHI: It is that sweet state of a noodle that is tender and chewy, firm but not hard,with resistance to the bite.Japanese who are crazy passionate about noodles are always looking for koshi. Say hello (Moshi) to Koshi. Say Moshi-Koshi!!

I guess that easily sums it up, but don't take the word from the brochure I took from the store, you have to go try it yourself as we did. My wife and I are not so much of a fan of Japanese food because we generally prefer our food cooked than raw. It's a good thing Moshi Koshi offers all that is cooked, yeah. No sushi.

WHAT's in the menu?
Shoyu -- 185 php
 Miso -- 220php
 Shio --180php
 Shio Butter Corn--195php
Kaki-age --140php
Ebi Tempura--185php
Mix tempura--175php
katsudon --170php
gyudon classic--180php
SIMPLE RULE in order to enjoy your Koshi Noodle: eat them as fast as possible.
Slurping is permitted and even encouraged.
NOODLES from the Pan
yakisoba --140php
yakiudon --130php
chicken terriyaki--220php
(with rice, miso soup and 4 special sidings)


Ordered Ramen Shoyu and Niku Udon first. One for me and my wife. we thought of sharing so as to sample both recipes. We were surprised when they were served. Ang lalaki ng servings!!! (BIG servings). I was seated next to a woman who was in the restaurant unaccompanied. Before I had my first slurp, she started saying how she loves the place and that she's been spending days dining here. She said she is very particular with the authenticity of the recipes. "Japanese food is my therapy", she mused. "I suggest you eat it as soon as it's served while the soup is hot,that is also to make sure you eat it with the best state of the noodles, although what I like here in Moshi Koshi is that the noodles don't get bloated even after a few minutes of being soaked in hot soup" she added. 

I gave her a sweet grin and went on eating my Ramen. True, the noodle is rightfully cooked. Al Dente, that's what they call it in Italian if you are familiar with cooking spaghetti.It also has this chewy feel which I like. And the soup, splendid. I then tried my wife's Udon, delicious. Although I like the Niku Udon more coz I have a sweet tooth.hahaha. I think I will try the Shio Butter Corn Ramen next time.

We were very full upon finishing our bowl of noodles so we just ordered one TEISHOKU mix tempura. Again, BIG serving. I felt more full when I saw it.  The tempura is perfect. I thought it might taste greasy but completely not. No feeling at all that it's fried. 

Was able to corner the store manager and asked a few questions. That's when I learned that the recipe is authentic Japanese and uniquely their own. They also have their own suppliers of ingredients as well to make sure they maintain the quality according to their specifications.The machines they use are also imported from Japan.


Don't miss their homemade ice cream. remember the fan lady I told you a while ago? She said try their coffe ice cream. I thought I heard her say "try their coffee, the best!!" so I went to the counter and ordered coffee only to find out she was referring to an ice cream flavor. Yeah, they don't serve coffee. Akala ko me authentic Japanese coffee or something. My bad.hahaha.

True enough, the coffee ice cream was a surprise, but the green tea ice cream is my favorite.It's amazing how a home-made ice cream can store such green tea flavor.Convincing na green tea!!!


Might wanna try Agedashi Tofu, Gyoza, Kani Salad,Potatoe Salad or Miso Soup. Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention they also have Curry (beef,chicken,katsu) in the main menu.

coffee and green tea home-made ice cream
green tea--55php


The space is not so big but is properly maximized.If you notice the traffic light looking circles in the far right corner of the picture below, in that area is a small room where they make the noodles.Look for it when the green light is on. That means the noodle making process is ongoing and you are welcome to observe through the glass wall. They don't stock on noodle to ensure the freshness so they anticipate the number of customers they have and make noodles 1 or 2 hours before their existing supply runs out. Talk about quality control :)

This is as authentic as you can get with japanese Noodles less the ripoff. Let's admit, authentic Japanese food is expensive in the Philippines. With the big servings they have in Moshi Koshi plus the superior taste, I can definitely say you get a good value for your money.
NOTE: prices I posted here may change without prior notice

If I have any regrets during the restaurant visit, that's having heavy breakfast. I should have eaten more if I haven't done so. But so far, the food we tried passed the taste test. We will surely be back to try the other dishes in the menu.

And the thing about Japanese who are crazy passionate about noodles always looking for koshi---that sweet state of a noodle that is tender and chewy, firm but not hard,with resistance to the bite. I think I am turning Japanese now, I am turning koshi!!!!:)

Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss
431 Shaw Blvd cor. Ideal St.Mandaluyong
across the street from PUREGOLD, near Goldilocks.


  1. mukha nga. masubukan pag nakaluwas ako. saan banda ito sa shaw?

  2. Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss
    431 Shaw Blvd cor. Ideal St.Mandaluyong
    across the street from PUREGOLD, near Goldilocks.---@Rence

  3. Gusto ko to bat di mo ako inimbita ah? #attitude ka!


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