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Penshoppe brings back MARIO MAURER in Manila

Seriously, who doesn't know Mario Maurer? Raise of hands. Well, if you don't, I suggest you just keep quiet or else you might be shot by a firing squad. He's so hot that the first time he was invited in Manila last Novemberr, the organizers who took him here were overwhelmed by the reception of the fans.I am referring to PENSHOPPE, the same clothing brand who prides bringing the likes of Ed Westwick in the country.

There was a little commotion about fans and members of the press not being invited and all. I was one of them.Simply put, there were limited slots that time as the venue was not big enough to accommodate the flood of die-hard fans. I have to admit I felt bad Penshoppe didn't invite me and expressed my outrage in my twitter account . But I owe it to the clothing brand for being so professional about my misdemeanor and for listening to the many fans who clamored for his return.

In response, Penshoppe brought back MARIO MAURER in Manila last December 13 at SMX Convention Center.........
Penshoppe brings back MARIO MAURER in Manila
But seems like the universe didn't want to conspire to my wish for a little happiness before Christmas. Just when I was finally invited, I was not available. I was left with the difficult decision of going at the expense of work. My twitter followers kept telling me to go. It was a pain to finally drop the topic and ask somebody to cover the event for me instead. Ako na tumatanggi kay Mario. #attitude lang.lols

All the photos in this post were taken by Krizelle Marie Pari-an who is now my favorite blog correspondent for . Way to go Krizelle!!!!
the birthday cake for Mario who celebrated his birthday 
the week before flying to Manila

It was also a perfect time to showcase more of Penshoppe's summer collection.
You asked
We listened
Now, were bringing him back

Now the fans are definitely smiling. More reasons to be happy for Christmas eh? In my case, I will be hoping I will get to see Mario the next time he visits Manila. We will surely see more of him now that he has established a solid following in the Philippines. The last time I saw him on television on an interview by Boy Abunda on the buzz, I realized the charm and sincerity of the Thai heartthrob. And that makes him more adorable. No wonder why he's loved by so many.

And for Penshoppe for bringing Mario Maurer in manila the second time, good job!!!!!


  1. in all fairness the shots are great! Good job to your correspondent :D

    Naiinis na ako sa inyo! LOL! Dapat jan na ako sa manila maghanap ng trabaho...LOL!

  2. @rabsin_d Thank you! Pero kung si Mario Maurer ba naman, wala ng keme keme. Gagawin lahat para sa magandang photos. Hehe!

  3. ang gwapo nia.. owver.. i love him....

  4. @Krizelle: couldn't agree more! Hahahaha!

  5. galing ng shots. :D

    hehehe, mukang madami nag-enjoy sa pagbalik ni Mario. :D

  6. ibang klase ka tlga...sna gnyan din work ko para showbiz showbiz din hehehe

  7. is this mario very famous?? lol


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