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FIRECRACKER BAN in the Philippines?

Looks like I'm in for a SLOW START this 2012.Got exhausted with 2011,especially with Christmas and New Year celebrations.It was fun but kinda physically and emotionally stressful. Drain din ang piggy-bank-savings. But you kinda want it to go on and on, especially the holiday break.Then comes the realization that vacation is over and you feel stressed thinking work is again waiting. Dipako emotionally ready to go back to my regular night shit, este, shift.hahaha

Since I was not prepared, I started my first day of work by showing youtube videos of different New Year firework displays around the world to my students and discussing about it.I always envy firework displays from major cities like Hongkong, Taipei, Sydney,London,Paris, Dubai and the US. Even Bangkok is now becoming an attraction with their jaw dropping public fireworks. We have organized public fireworks displays in places like Makati, Eastwood, Manila Bay and MOA but nothing really as grand as the major cities I mentioned so I thought it would also nice if we have a BIG ONE.But what big one? The whole METRO MANILA turns into a WARZONE comes New Year's Eve.

....and about the proposal for FIRECRACKER BAN in the Philippines, I have mixed feelings about that.Do you know how we celebrate here? watch the videos below so you have an idea.:)
Uploaded by remanilatube on Dec 31, 2011.

For those who are not aware, anybody can buy firecrackers in the Philippines,yes,even kids. That means anyone can ignite a firecracker and it has become toys for grown ups and kids alike come Christmas or New Year's eve. The result, 700 wounded people, many, minors.This year, airlines were rerouted to CLARK International airport coz the zero visibility in Manila on January 1 made it impossible for aircrafts to land safely.......
Uploaded by ishrakin

Personally, I only buy pangbatang firecrackers (kids firecrackers,I mean, the not-so-strong-ones).The ones which would not hurt much if ever you accidentally ignite it while holding and I am very careful as I am a coward. I think it's really fun though. I know I said I envy major cities with their fireworks displays but I realized this past few years that our celebration in the Philippines is still unique and more enjoyable coz everybody could participate in the merrymaking.

The videos I posted above are some of my favorites.If you watch closely, you can see that Metro Manila looks like a war zone during New Year's eve. Imagine being in one of the streets.It could be crazy.Crazy fun. The sheer amount of firecrackers used all over the Philippines especially in Mega Manila is massive.To think of it, it's amazing. One Korean student who experienced celebrating New Year's eve in Manila said she couldn't sleep all night and was nervous the whole time coz she thought it World War 3.Watching these videos gives me goosebumps. Hell, this is how celebrate in this country and I am proud of that!!!

About the FIRECRACKER BAN, yeah,regualate minors from using it but I am not ready for the complete ban yet, so I am saying NO for now. :)


  1. about sa ban.... hmmm... no.

    hahah, lagi akong nagpapaputok pero though di ako nagpaputok this year, masaya padin magsindi ng firecrackers

  2. i don't think di rin maiimplement ang total ban na yan

  3. Oo nga mukhang war zone ang Manila on New Year's Eve base on the vids... But I agree we don't have a one group display of fireworks like other major cities but every part of the country is participating in the merrymaking hence fireworks everywhere - only in the Philippines.

    About the ban, ako kasi ilang years ng supporter ng Iwas Paputok campaign ng Eco-coalition kaya for me it should be BAN... main reason ko is hindi ko mapagyayaman yung talento ko sa pagsusulat pag kulang daliri ko at napaka-toxic nya sa environment. Buti nga ngayon konti nalang ang sobrang paputok. Effective din ang campaign pero I think magiging moderately ban lang yan.

  4. no ban... that's like taking the tradition away. boo!

    kelangan lang talaga maging mas strikto ang gobyerno sa pagdidisiplina..

    1. alam mo, kahit magiging maingat ka pa sa mga paputok, hinding-hindi ka pa rin makakatakas sa mga aksidente. mas mabuti pa 'yung total firecracker ban na 'yan.

  5. Siguro, not total ban, maging strict nalang sila sa mga firecracker manufacturers, to stop pag produce ng mga delikadong paputok! All in all, we can still celebrate New Year's Eve ng ligtas, we have our option; without wasting money on firecrackers! Ganda ng fireworks display, i love the videos! Unforuntately, I had to celebrate New Year's Eve sa work, I'm such a loser, hehehe! =)

  6. magkaiba naman ang firecracker sa fireworks, tama?
    for as long as pwede ang pyromusical, gora lang!

  7. ..and again, laws in the Philippines are just suggestions. wala namang sumusunod. LOL

  8. This is what I missed last New Year's Eve! Ang tahimik namin dito!

  9. healthwise, i'd say yes. But spectacle-wise, screw health! lmao


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