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3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition: UK vs SPAIN

This Saturday, February 25 will be the third week of the  3rd Philippine Pyromusical Competition at SM-MALL of Asia grounds in Pasay. I was lucky to have been invited during the first two weeks as I will be able to share a week-by-week account of the event. I have another invitation to cover this Saturday which will be the turn of Finland and Portugal. but first, I wanna share with you the photos of the PYROMUSICAL COMPETITION last week between the UK and SPAIN.

 Before you indulge into the photos, feel free to read my post on the 1st week  of the competition.

Week 2:UK vs SPAIN

Pyromusical_UK (10)
3rd Philippine Pyromusical Competition: UK vs SPAIN

It was the turn of UK to showcase its fireworks first. I heard that the company which participated last week was different from the 1st installment winner and runner up last year so people were anticipatory of a different result. According to feedback though, UK delivered! It was the favorite between the two competing teams.

United Kingdom

UK (9)
UK (2)
UK (5)
UK (1)
UK (4)
UK (8)
UK (6)
UK (2)


According to my correspondent,  SPAIN was the inferior team. The reasons, the formations of the fireworks are not clear.In his words "makalat". One more thing, Spain's display was less colorful compared to the UK which was a delight to the eyes. 

Here are the photos for SPAIN.

Spain (6)
Spain (7)
Spain (8)
Spain (9)
Spain (2)
Spain (4)
Spain (5)

Be sure not to miss another competition favorite this Saturday---PORTUGAL, which will have a showdown with Finland. That would be 7pm, February 25.Book your tickets now on the website below!

11 Feb 2012 – South Korea and Malta
18 Feb 2012 – United Kingdom and Spain
25 Feb 2012 – Finland and Portugal
03 Mar 2012 – China and The Netherlands
10 Mar 2012 – Australia and Canada
17 Mar 2012 – Italy and Philippines

PYROMUSICAL Schedule and Ticket Prices HERE:

All the photos used in this post were taken by my blog correspondent Christopher Vallereja of YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS PHILIPPINES.Thanks Chris!!!Awesome photos!!!
For ticket inquiries, call Ticket Net at 9115555, Ticket World at 8919999 or SM Tickets at 4702222, or check out


  1. magulo ang sa Spain!

  2. ganda ng sa UK, sayangs di ko naabutans. Sa malayuan ko lang nakita kaaya di ko masyado natapos

  3. beautiful takes, anton!
    this post made me wish i could take good photos like yours!

  4. tama.. mas ok ang uk...
    ang ganda pa ng music nila...

  5. i dont know pero mas nagustuhan ko yung sa spain kesa sa UK kasi wala sa tyempo yung sa UK then mas colorful nga pero yung delivery eh medyo di swak. hehe mas nagustuhan ko rin ang spain kasi iba iba yung klase ng fireworks na ginamit nila unlike dun sa UK nagustuhan ko pero yung part na parang palapit ng palapit sayo yung fireworks =D

    kanya kanyang opinyon lang. hihi basta nagenjoy tayo sa show yun ang importante. di naman tayo judge para pagtalunan to hihihi =D

    ang ganda ng mga picture. sobrang hanga talaga ako sa mga tulad nyo.

  6. ganda nman ng mga shots.
    parang animation!

  7. sa laban ng pinas ako pupunta

  8. di daw kasali PHILIPPINES jan, magpeperform sila pero ndi sila klban para wala daw masabi ibang bansa kung sakali sila manalo at patuloy na magjoin yung ibang country..

  9. wala akong masabe kundi...

    hong gondo!


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