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day tour and lunch at PUERTO DEL SOL Bolinao

PUERTO DEL SOL in Bolinao Pangasinan remains my favorite beach resort accommodation in Western Pangasinan----unmatched with it's ambiance,quality of rooms and location in reference to tourist sites like Patar white beach and rock formations, sea cave, enchanted cave, Patar lighthouse among others.I have written extensively about the resort and attractions last time and you can see the details

During our 12th anniversary celebration though, my wife and I decided to try something different ---camping naman ang peg. hehehe.As I was saying, since the last time was a blogger's tour, my wife hasn't really seen the resort.So I decided to incorporate the day tour to our itinerary after the camping/before going back to manila. It was here where we had our lunch after the swimming in Patar White Beach......

day tour and lunch at PUERTO DEL SOL Bolinao


La Playa Restaurant along the beach is where we ate our lunch, we came at around 1pm and lunch as not served until 2:00 so only a few guests were at the place that time. So parang exclusive na naman yung place para samin :) I love the ambiance in this restaurant. The sea breeze, fresh feeling of being in open air (al fresco), plus the therapeutic sound of the sea waves breaking from afar, not to mention the beautiful view of the sandy beach and the blue sea. Perfect!
La_playa restaurant_PuertodelSol 
La Playa Restaurant at Puerto del Sol
grilled banguswith pakbet. sarap!

...........there is also an indoor restaurant should you want it to be more intimate or private. We ate set meal that day and the bangus and pakbet are delicious!

Then came the picture taking around the resort.It's a must---for Facebook.Kidding.


Yeah, the reason why we didn't eat lunch immediately was because we showered first.The seawater has dried on our skin and it was starting to get itchy so we used the public shower in Puerto del Sol to clean up first. But instead of going to La Playa restaurant after freshening up, we were tempted to dip into the jacuzzi near the pool area.I know it was noontime but the warm water in the jacuzzi was relaxing as ever. Ayaw pa nga umahon ni wifey eh.Pinilit ko lang coz I was already starving. :)


There is a big pool at the center of the resort where one can swim.It's kinda big. Surrounding the pool are the Villas where majority of the rooms are. In front of the villas are trees and plants so the view is not very clear. As a photographer, I find a bit disturbing since the building facade could not be framed. Natakpan kasi ng mga halaman. The thing is, if there are some places which are very photogenic but not comfortable in person, PUerto del Sol is not one of them. When you walk through the alley along the Villas, you feel like being in nature due to all those plants. It feels better being here than looking at the photos of the place. Yun lang. Tas me mga speakers all throughout where relaxing music is played. Para kalang nasa Luneta. hihihi



the kubo at the center is where the jacuzzi is :)
I requested the management to allow me again to peek into the rooms as i lost all the photos I took more than a year ago due to my pc's HD giving up on me. So yun, this is very important for me since I have started on my PEEK INTO SERIES where I will allow my readers to see the rooms through my lenses. Will upload more photos and will make a separate entry on the room accommodations of PDS soon! Patikim muna.....

This is where the public restroms are located.
"When you walk through the alley along the Villas, 
you feel like being in nature due to all those plants."

These dormitory rooms were not opened to us before since they were still under construction. Actually, there are only 2 of them. 1 for boys, 1 for girls---each, can accommodate 14 guests in bunk bed. Seeing these room excited me. Brings back fun university days. Namiss kong mag board uli tas me mga kasamang makukulit na roommates!!!Waaaah!!!

Will soon be writing a separate and more detailed entry about the dormitory rooms that might help in planning your trip. Will link it here as soon as it's UP.



Unfortunately opur stay was brief. We didn't check in coz we had to leave that afternoon for Manila. Work mode uli the next day kasi. After touring the rooms, we were in the portion of Puerto del Sol next to the beach, we exited one of the doors leading to the beach, stayed in one of the cottages, felt the sea breeze one more time.Talked for a few minutes and felt like we wanna stay longer. We didn't bother weather what time the enxt trip to Manila will be. It was already 5:30pm when we found the courage to bid farewell to another weekend of memories.
As I was leading my wife to the front desk where we were to be taken by the shutttle to downtown Bolinao, I promised my wife to take her back here again this year, and that time, me check in na para mas maramdaman nya ang place like what we did on the summer of 2010.She grabbed my hand and kissed me. That sealed the quick day tour of Puerto del Sol.

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Be warned though, CHEESY POST.hahaha


  1. ganda ng dress ni teresa! kasya ba sakin yan? =)

  2. Chyng, para sa akin kasya. :)

    nice pics nga pala. hihihi.

  3. Nakakamiss ang Puerto del Sol! Hindi pa ako nakakabalik ng Bolinao since our tour, pero i might just go there next month. Sana matuloy :D

  4. ganda din at parang private kahit papaano kasi hindi ganun ka laki yung lugar.

  5. cool!

    Kainggit, ngusto ko na rin magmiming, ehehee


  6. Nice pics... excited na akong pumunta sa PDS... uhm, question, how much ang budget for the day tour? thanks


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