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A1, Blue and Jeff Timmons Live in Manila 2012 photos by KRIZELLE MARIE PARI-AN

WHO WOULD EVER THINK THIS WOULD HAPPEN AYT? The boy bands my generation grew up and fell in love with----A1, Blue and Jeff Timmons of 98 degrees Live in Manila? Crazy but it did happen last Saturday, February 25 at the Smart-ARANETA Coliseum.I donno what prompted these guys to suddenly resurface after years of living private lives but it sure is a welcome thing. We all miss them!

And we are fortunate because a photographer friend, Krizelle Marie pari-An was at Araneta Coliseum last Saturday and she was very excited to share the photos with all of us. Take note, she went there as a fan and not to represent my blog whatsoever.I was on my staycation of course so I wished her good luck especially because the venue is dslr-camera-allergic ( I donno what's the big deal with Araneta Coliseum when it comes to bringing dslr's in) But she did manage to sneak in her Nikon d3100 so I was congratulating her  last night, not so much for the lovely photos but for the feat of taking the camera in.After all, these photos would not be available without the dslr inside the stadium in the first place.hahaha

I think it's easy, but if you wanna know the trick on how to do it, be sure to send her a private message, I will be leaving the link of her Facebook fanpage at the end of this post so that you can communicate. For now, just enjoy the following photos taken from the The Greatest Hits Tour Live in Manila.
 A1, Blue and Jeff Timmons Live in Manila 2012


the British pop band
The Greatest Hits Tour A1, Blue and Jeff Timmons (98 Degress) Live in Manila


a 2000s British pop/R&B vocal group


 KRIZELLE MARIE PARI-AN is a fellow at Young Photographers Club of the Philippines. She has been doing correspondents for a couple of times and her photos are indeed commendable.All of the flicks you see here in this post are her personal properties.You can interact with her via her FB Fan page below should you feel like asking questions about her photography.:)



  1. i miss this bands... bring back the memories of my elementary days...

  2. ooh.. so old school... naalala ko tuloy ang mga hits nila!!

  3. i liked blue, ung sorry is the hardest thing nila.. :P nice pictures congrats galing ng pagkuha.. ;)

  4. Ang ganda naman nung mga photos ng friend mo. I wonder how she able to sneak in the camera? :)


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