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a peek inside PUERTO del SOL Bolinao plus DORMITORY ROOM rate

WONDER about how the rooms are at your dream hotels?As a travel blogger, I get to check in to some of the best hotels and accommodations in the country---from budget to high end.And if the finances restricts, I get the privilege to peek inside the rooms by request. The thing is, we get curious at what to expect inside the rooms and the photos provided in the official websites of some hotels/resorts are not enough to satisfy that curiosity. Here in my PEEK INSIDE SERIES, you get to see more photos of the accommodations you are eying for on your next travel destination..........

Here's a peek a peek inside PUERTO del SOL Resort Bolinao 
 a peek inside PUERTO del SOL Bolinao plus DORMITORY ROOM rate



For budget travelers, especially those who go in groups, PUERTO DEL SOL Bolinao has the perfect accommodations for you. They have two dormitory rooms, 1 for the boys and 1 for the girls.Each room can accommodate up to 14 persons in bunk beds. 

Dormitory RATE: P9,990.00 good for 14 pax w/out breakfast. With free use facilities and amenities...such as the jacuzzi, pool, game room and kayak and canoe.


Seeing the dormitories of Puerto del Sol reminds me of University Days. You know, those exciting College days when you share the room with makukulit boardmates. Saya-saya! Makes me wanna encourage my barkadas to organize a group tour of Bolinao and stay at Puerto del Sol. All that is needed is to avail of the land tour for 350pesos per pax which includes places like the SEA CAVE and Rock formations, Patar  Lighthouse and the White beach of course.

Rooms in Puertyo del Sol ranges from $140-350. It could go lower than that and you might even avail of up to 30-40% discount rate depending on season so make sure you contact with the Manila office for details.

This is a relatively new resort so the rooms are well kept with the beds and bedding new. The resort exudes and aura of freshness and that is true to the rooms as well.Weather you are traveling solo, as a couple, family or group, Puerto del Sol has the perfect accommodation for you!


for reservations, call 
(02) 631 2861
(02) 635 2547


  1. coool :D

    malinis at pleasant sa mata yung mga rooms. :D

  2. looks awesome,

    thanks for this! :))

  3. bolinao?as in bolinao pangasinan? wow. ang ganda pala dun. at ang ganda ng dormitory room. parang ang sarap pumunta sa puerto del sol. =D


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