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3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition: PORTUGAL vs. FINLAND

Last Saturday saw the third week of festivities for the 3rd Philippine Pyromusical Competition at SM-MALL of Asia grounds in Pasay.My blog correspondent Chris Vallereja was there to cover the event for us and to capture the wonderful pyromusical show between PORTUGAL and FINLAND.

11 Feb 2012 – South Korea and Malta
18 Feb 2012 – United Kingdom and Spain
25 Feb 2012 – Finland and Portugal
03 Mar 2012 – China and The Netherlands
10 Mar 2012 – Australia and Canada
17 Mar 2012 – Italy and Philippines

Here are the photos. Enjoy!!!!!
 Finland (12)

3rd Philippine Pyromusical Competition: PORTUGAL vs. FINLAND


 Finland (14)
Finland (16)
Finland (15)
Finland (11)
Finland (10)
 Finland (18)
Finland (1)


Portugal (5)
 Portugal (4)
 Portugal (3)
 Portugal (1)
 Portugal (2)
 Portugal (10)
 Portugal (9)
 Portugal (7)
 Portugal (8)
 Portugal (6)

From the words of my blog correspondent Chris Vallejera who represented me during the event -----"basta to summarize both performance.. ung unique sa Finland may touch ng drama.. Yung sa Portugal yung choice of music nila alive naman.Though hindi maganda ung pagka-remix nung sa Portugal,maganda naman ung choices and ung fireworks"

Confusing right? Pati ako nalito eh.hahaha. So I called Chris again to make us I understood it right. He said, both are good so I forced him to choose one.He finally gave it to PORTUGAL. :)

This weekend will be the 4th week and it's going to be between China and The Netherlands.I suggest you pull somebody and drag him/her to MOA. Forced date.hahaha. Kidding aside, better see it yourself, the experience is more fun in person. Enoy your pyromusical experience!!!
 For ticket inquiries, call Ticket Net at 9115555, Ticket World at 8919999 or SM Tickets at 4702222, or check out


  1. colorful nga yung sa portugal

    pero gusto ko yung greenish fireworks ng finland. hahaha :D

    gondo ng shots,

  2. oh my goodness :) portugal!!! :)

  3. gondo nng green firworks, parang raindrops :))


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