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SOYAMI---the Soya Goodness in a Bag of Chips

Since I turned 31 a few weeks ago, I have become more aware that I am not immortal and that I should put more premise on my health should I want to experience longer the good blessing that life has been giving me. While walapa naman ako don sa point na , bawal ang pork, bawal ang soda, bawala ang chips , it certainly helps if I start cutting back on the junks that i feed myself.

......and then there's SOYAMI.Thanks Goodness!
SOYAMI---it's Soya Goodness in a Bag of Chips.

 SOYAMI---the Soya Goodness in a Bag of Chips

My eyebrows raised when I heard some people say you can actually prepare lunch using SOYAMI chips.With the help of best friend "google", I found out that it's true. Check the post here: .Outrageous right? But if you can do that, then this product is really healty!I simply never thought it's possible. This is something I never heard of before for a snack. Cool!
 Watch “Healthy Lunchbox Cooking Lesson” from Apple Morales here: .
 Well everybody knows how healthy SOYA is ayt? I am a fan of SOYA. There are many health benefits that's why:

  • Soya has a high satiety value. Meaning, the beneficial feeling of fullness makes you eat lesser quantities and thus avoid unnecessary calories.
  • It is low in carbohydrates. Soya is the only vegetable which has more protein than carbohydrate which is definitely good for health.
  • It has a low glycemic index. This is extremely beneficial especially for diabetics.
  • It is a complete protein. It has all the essential amino acids which are needed to maintain good health since you can avoid other higher calorie complete protein foods like meats, chicken, eggs etc

It maintains bone health.
It maintains normal premenstrual syndrome and menstrual health.
It maintains normal prostate health.
Tv Personality Mark Nelson
speaking to bloggers
So what's in a BAG of SOYAMI?

Amount Per Serving:
Calories: 110grams
Calories from fat: 35grams

Total Fat: 4grams(6%)
TransFat: 0grams
Cholesterol: 0mg(0%)
Sodium: 40mg (2%)
Carbohydrates: 16g (5%)
Dietary Fiber: 2g (8%)
Sugar: 1g
Protein: 4g (8%)
Calcium: (20%)
Do you feel guilty every time you open a pack of chips?Now you don't have to. Eating chips has never been this healthy. Some people claim you can't have it all when it comes to food. In most cases, if it is delicious, it might be unhealthy, if it is healthy, it might taste bad. Nah! It could be both. Such is proven by SOYAMI---the Soya Goodness in a Bag of Chips.

WHY SOYAMI? Because it's made of SOYA and it's YUMMY = SoyaMi.*****

PS: All the photos were taken by my blog correspondent Krizelle Marie Pari-An during the Soyami Bloggers Event  a few weeks ago :)


  1. wow! soyami!!!

    hmmm... naku... kung ito ang magiging sagot sa pagpapaliit ng tiyan ko... go!!! hahaha!!!

    wala bang free taste? lol!

  2. soyami soyami... parang katunog nung candy na monami. :p

    wala pa nyan sa ibang supermart

  3. mukhang masarap.. matikman nga.. ;)

  4. Hmmm, ano kaya ang lasa nyan? Parang gusto ko tikman :)

  5. thanks for sharing. where can we buy this Soyami?


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