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the failed visit to PINTO ART MUSEUM Antipolo

This is the first weekend this year that I have no events or travel and just staying at home. Well, I was invited by SM Mall of Asia to watch the pyromusical competition this 7pm but I decided to send a blog correspondent instead.My wife, who has been complaining about the daily commute to and from work in Manila is on a seminar whicj will extend until tomorrow so I am alone again naturally.So I guess the staycation will not stay long. I was thinking of somewhere to go tomorrow.Antipolo came to mind. Then suddenly, I remembered my funny experience last time regarding my failed attempt to visit PINTO ART GALLERY after checking out from CASA IBIZA which is also in Antipolo

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 the failed visit to PINTO ART MUSEUM Antipolo

Pinto Art Gallery stands at the entrance of what would be known as the Silangan Gardens. Dr. Cuanang’s weekend home lies nestled within the garden’s sprawling terrain. His collection, however, needed the proper setting, one that would allow him to share it with the public. Two years ago, Dr. Cuanang began construction of the Pinto Art Museum. SOURCE 

I saw a lot of lovely photos of the art exhibit in the museum and that sparked my interest to see them myself. Th architecture of the buildings also makes me feel like being in Mexico or Latin America so it added to my excitement. All of this just near my home in Binangonan----ANTIPOLO Rizal.Shame if I miss it right?

I was very excited that day to take the tricycle from Antipolo church to Grandheights Subdivision where PINTO ART GALLERY is located. It was only 30 pesos and 10 minutes away so I was delighted.If you are from Manila via Ortigas extension and are familiar with YNARES CENTER, just ask your ride to drop you there and take the tricycle from there on.It's only around 2 or 3 kilometers away from there.


I admit I am dumbed.I cannot sugarcoat my mistake by saying I was too excited to  have forgotten what day it was coz I admit I am one who is ignorant about museums. To be honest, I didn't know that museums are closed on Mondays. hahaha
Lesson learned.I even thought it was just with Pinto Museum, I googled other museums in the country and pare-pareho pala silang closed pag Mondays. Syempre me day off din sila diba?lols . I was like a fool asking the caretaker if he can allow me to get in so that I can feature the place in my blog.To no avail. Rules are rules. I was informed that during that time, a wedding prenup of some sort was ongoing in their church. The caretaker thought if I am part of the group then I could get in.Unfortunately, I was not.

What I did instead was to unpack my 200mm telephoto lens from my bag and started taking photos from outside the fence. I imagined myself as some sort of terrorist spying on the place taking details of the church which I find lovely despite seeing only one side of its facade. The village is surprisingly quiet that day.The museum is located on the left side immediately after entering the gate and there were a few cases when tricycles pass by.I made sure I stop taking photos inn  those instances as I didn't want to be deemed suspicious.

Despite the failed visit, I will definitely be back to see more of what's inside the museum.I am sure it's worth the effort to be here. I think i should also start paying more attention to museum visits this year.:)
PINTO ART MUSEUM is located at Heights, Grandheights, Antipolo City. 
Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 9 am to 6 pm. Phone (632)697-1015
or email


  1. yung exterior palang, sapat na e. ang ganda. pero you should know that almost every museum have mondays off. hahahaha. balik ka nalang kuya ton. malapit lang naman.


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