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SUNDAY BRUNCH MENU : Mcafe Marriott Manila

Yes, MARRIOTT CAFE (MCafe) has Expanded their Menu to expand your smile,they piled on CRU STEAK, packed in extra FOIE GRAS, stacked additional OYSTER BAR, loaded a superfluous  MARTINI BAR,added more seafood counter and made their vast menu even more ample. 

Before I write about the experience, 
HERE's the COMPLETE MENU first......
 SUNDAY BRUNCH MENU : Mcafe Marriott Manila


·         Live oysters
·         Shallot vinaigrette
·         Green apple and cider vinaigrette
·         Dill and lime vinaigrette
·         Classic Thai anchovy namprik
·         Lime wedges and lemon wedges
·         Tabasco sauce green and red
·         Thai sriracha sauce
·         Worcestershire sauce
·         Swedish caviar black
·         Salmon caviar
·         Decoration: big bowl of lemon and big bowl of lime

·         Small lobster
·         Tiger prawns
·         Extra large New Zealand mussels
·         Blue crab
·         Three kinds of Aioli (same ones that we give for puppus from the new a la carte menu)
·         Cocktail sauce
·         Thai seafood sauce
·         Mango salsa

·         Marriott Café  inspired rolls made at site with condiments
·         Sashimi : tuna, salmon, octopus,
·         Individual small miniatures of: cold soba with seaweed, niku tataki, Japanese small cuttle fish salad   


Guests will have a wide variety of marinated seafood, marinated meats, crisp salad greens and vegetables to choose from. 
·         Large leaf lettuce: Iceberg, romaine, red oak,
·         Small leaf lettuce:  Wild rocket, watercress, , Bai bua bok leaves, baby spinach local
·       Greens and veggies: snow peas, asparagus, celery, broccolini, Holland cucumber, red radish, cherry tomatoes, yellow corn kernels
·         Sprouts: mung sprouts, soy bean sprouts
·         Lentils: chickpeas, kidney beans, broad beans, yellow lentil 
·      Roasted Veggies: bay carrot, baby beetroots, pumpkin yellow, roasted yellow and red peppers, baby potatoes, slow roasted tomatoes (same like breakfast), roasted eggplant, grilled zucchini
·         Herbs: mint, coriander, basil, Thai basil, oregano, thyme
·         Marinated seafood: shrimps, squids, local clam meat, local mussel meat, crab meat, canned tuna,
·         Marinated meats: roast beef slices, pastrami, smoked chicken, smoked duck
·         Vinaigrettes: French, Shallot and red wine, Italian basil and lemon
·         Dressing: thousand island, mayonnaise, yogurt and mint, , blue cheese and walnut, ceasar    
·         Toppings : bacon bits, parmesan shavings, chili flakes, fried shallots, fried garlic flakes, almond flakes, croutons, walnuts, green olives, capers, black olives, feta in olive oil,  

Selection of premium ham and Italian charcuterie:
·         Italian ham
·         Coppa
·         Home made duck liver terrine
·         Salami
·         Smoked salmon
·         Cured tandoori rubbed salmon
·         Condiments: gherkins, capers, sour cream with dill, pickled red onion rings, sliced jalapeno, baguette chips, thin  rye bread chips, large foccaccia bread on board with knife,

Pan grilled live on large cast iron skillet
·         Condiments:  chutney, watermelon chutney, wine poached pears, mixed berry compote, orange Sunkist orange compote, rocket leaves, pepper mill, Truffle salt,  large loaf of brioche on a chopping board already cut

With local specialty from Davao
Condiments: pineapple chutney, watermelon chutney, dry fruits (4 kinds), glass jars with whole walnuts, almonds, 
·         Large cutting board with crisp baguette,  lavoche stick, walnut bread loaf

Fresh live mussels, manila clams, cooked in front of the guest with wines and signatures sauces and toppings and served in small pots with crusty French baguette. This will actually replace the soup station…. Cooked in batches.. 2 recipes per for clams and one for mussels… sauces eg: chowder, tomyum, tomato and chorizo etc

The carving counter will focus on Australian prime rib along with roasted lamb served with sauces, condiments and salsas
·       8 to 10 kg Australian rib eye roast
·       Traditional lechon
·       Condiments: Dijon mustard, whole grain mustard, fresh horseradish cream, mint jelly, khimchi, basil mustard, Thai beef sauce, mango and red chili salsa,
·       Sauces warm: same as CRU
·       In large cast iron pan: slow roasted root baby vegetables tossed in olive oil: all same as from a la carte(baby beetroot, baby radish white, baby carrots, white onions, garlic pods


Unlike the usual pasta bar, this Italian section will feature specialties like hand filed pumpkin tortellini’s, spinach gnocchi, salmon and cream cheese ravioli with truffle paste, risotto made to order with crab meat and fresh truffles . Classic home style cooking combined with seasonal fresh high end products. Run it like a small bistro. Menus changes every week.  Not more than 4 specials each week.
·         Pasta: Pumpkin tortellini, spinach gnocchi, salmon ravioli, plain risotto
·         Condiments: crab meat, shrimps, bacon, chorizo, chopped garlic, chopped shallots, chopped chilies, basil leaves whole, rocket leaves, sage leaves, smoked salmon, oregano, white wine, butter, stock, mushrooms, roasted peppers, olive oil cooked asparagus, cream , black olives 
·         Sauces: marinara sauce, pesto cream sauce
·         Toppings: red chili flakes, parmesan shavings, pepper mill, extra virgin olive oil

BBQ:                            Suckling Pig
                                    Roast Duck
Soy Chicken
                                    Hainan Chicken
                                    Pork Knuckles
                                    Pork Asado

Condiments:                Hoisin Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Plum Sauce, Dark Soy Sauce, Light Soy Sauce

Noodle Station:           Vermicelli Noodle
                                    Fresh Egg Noodle
                                    Fried Egg Noodle
                                    Fresh Hofan Noodle

Condiments:                Boiled Shrimps, Boiled Fish, Fish Balls, Squid Balls, Beef Balls, Chicken Breast, Beef Strips, Spring Onions, Bean Sprout, Kailan Leaves, Chinese Cabbage, Bok-Choy Leaves, Onion Leeks, Sesame Oil, Calamansi, Fish Sauce, Soy Sauce, Fried Garlic, Chili Paste, Chili Flakes

Classic Japanese grill using mainly different chicken parts. 
We will use the large satay grill for this purpose.
·         Nice white bowls with all different skewers for display
Menu: all meats should be brushed with tare sauce (mirin, brown sugar, soy sauce, honey, sake)
·         hāto or kokoro : chicken heart
·         rebā  chicken liver
·         Zuri : chicken gizzard
·         tsukune :  chicken meatballs
·         (tori)kawa : chicken skin, grilled until crispy
·         tebasaki :  chicken wing
·         nankotsu :  chicken cartilage
Condiments: Japanese red radish pickle, Japanese radish yellow pickle, Japanese ginger, finely chopped spring onions, ichimi (japanese pe

Featuring the classic tandoori chicken, Dal makhani and fresh classic plain and garlic nan with chutneys   
·         Tandoori Chicken :One kind of chicken drumsticks with red marination
·         Chicken tikka : One chicken hip boneless with tikka marinations
·         Fresh garlic nan and plain nan made to order
·         Large stone ware container with classic dal makhani
Condiments: mint chutney, sweet mango chutney, mango pickle, pickled red onions, roasted pappadums, cucumber and garlic raita 


This section will be the hot line future western and Filipino classic  
   4 kinds western classics
   3 kinds Filipino classics

CRU Steak house
This will be a specialty meat & seafood grill featuring ONLY grain OR grass fed Angus beef from Australia (choice cuts ONLY) and local seafood

·        Australian Rib eye and strip lion steak
·        Grilled tiger prawns
·        Grilled calamari
·         Lapu lapu fish
·        3 marinations: one Asian, one Mediterranean, one European
·        In CRU kitchen : mash potato, roasted pumpkin, grilled asparagus, grilled corn, grilled tomato, grilled leeks
·        Sauces: fresh tarragon béarnaise , fresh horse radish cream, mushroom sauce, pepper sauce , red wine sauce
·        Condiments: 3 kinds of mustards, 3 kinds of herb butter , large bowl with crusty bread rolls    

·         Great selection of fresh home made cheese cakes, pies, flans in oversized pots and copper pans, very rustic home style
·         Selection of pralines, chocolate fountain, chocolate pastries, chocolate brownies,  

Vast selection of MC classics all displayed separately in PDR 3

In CRU PDR1 (connecting CRU to MC) a manned Martini Bar will be set up where guests can have their personalized Bloody Mary shaken. 
·        Vodka
·        Tomatoes
·        Worcestershire Sauce, Piri Piri sauce, Tabasco red
·        Celery, Olive, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, celery salt 


Marriott Café Sunday Brunch is available every Sunday, 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM. For inquiries or reservations, call 988-9999.


  1. Kakalula ang menu! If I were a diner pipikit na lang ako tapos tuturo sa choices. Wouldn't be able to make up my mind. LOL.

  2. ang sosy basahin ng mga foodies. parang habang nagbabasa ka, mag-iimagine ka ng bongga tas may plating-plating ekek pa. wahahaha


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