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would you stay in a relationship even if she is UNOFFICIALLY YOURS?

It's only February 7 but as early as last week I have been reading tweets and Facebook status updates about dates and the lack of it among my peeps. Valentines is such a BIG DEAL in the Philippines.Understandably, this is a country with a population very expressive and putting a lot of emphasis on love relationships.Don't get me wrong, I am not against it, I am also a romantic.I believe in love. I believe in relationships.

But what if the other person is UNOFFICIALLY YOURS, would you stay in a relationship or just walk away? Such is the dilemma in the latest Star Cinema movie with the same title----UNOFFICIALLY YOURS.


 UNOFFICIALLY  YOURS 2012 movie press con


The Romantic-comedy movie is about a guy who believes in the traditional type of relationship who falls in love with someone who doesn't believe in one. So, how does the guy encourage the girl to believe to a normal kind of relationship?
Angel Locsin
John Lloyd Cruz

That's the challenge to the character of John Lloyd Cruz, to make the love of his life, Angel Locsin believe in a normal relationship. And how would you act if you are in that kind of situation? I am sure many people will again be able to relate on an emotional level to this kind of scenario. At some point, many of us enter a non-traditional relationship. The challenge is to take it to another level and make it appear like its just a partnership for pleasure without commitment. For sure, teh viewers would droll over a couple of sex scenes, three I heard. I am excited to see that.hahaha. I mean, how do you rationalize a relationship where the couple have sexual contact yet still call it unofficial diba?

It's a difficult call.
Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina

In an interview with, Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina admits to entering a "virtual relationship" after her husband passed away---

HERE'S an excerpt 
of the interview posted on the official Facebook fanpage of the movie:

Pakiramdam ni Direk Cathy Garcia, ang Unofficially Yours ng Star Cinema ay kakaiba at maselan kumpara sa mga pelikulang naidirek na niya.Tumatalakay kasi angUnofficially Yours sa relasyong walang depinisyon o taguri.Paano naging kakaiba ang bago niyang pelikula sa mga nagawa na niya?"Ang dami pong sex scenes. Joke!" tawa niya, sabay bawi.

"The theme itself po, e," patuloy ni Direk Cathy, "ngayon lang talaga namin ita-tackle yung ganito."Medyo matapang-tapang siya. Medyo edgy ng konti than our regular rom-com [romantic-comedy]."That's why it took a while bago pa mapayagan na i-produce because the concept has been existing for three years already."So, yun... feeling ko, tema po, e. Tema ang bago."Pero nang may makaisip daw ng title ng movie, ang Unofficially Yours, sinimulan na nila agad ang pelikula.


The movie stops at being suggestive as to what should be the proper setup. That's comforting to know as I believe that people should decide what fits their love life.OFFICIALLY or UNOFFICIALLY, it's better that one is in a relationship and that we allow the person to thrive and grow in it. At the end of the day,whatever the setup, LOVE STILL REIGNS SUPREME!

The movie Stars Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz.UNOFFICIALLY YOURS hits the screen January 15,2012.

All PHOTOS were taken by my blog correspondent
presscon of Unofficially Yours on February 1,2012 in ABS-CBN

Thanks to Flow galindez for the invite.Cheers!!!!


  1. papanoorin ko lang yan kung may kasama.

  2. No Strings Attached? Friends With Benefits? More or less, parang ganyan ang istorya niyan. I think! Tell me pag napanood niyo? Hahaha

  3. gulat ako sa title. palabas pala. mukhang ayos to.


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