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ERVIC VIJANDRE topless in San Juan Batangas

This serves as a preview to my next post. I thought of featuring ERVIC VIJANDRE because I was with him and with another Young Urban Professional Maria Fe Orosco Bautista in San Juan Batangas last March 16-17 for the taping of POPTalk on GMAnewstv featuring three resorts in San Juan.I was among the three reviewers in that segment.I feel honored being chosen as the travel blogger expert. As I said, I will be talking about that in my next post but for now, here's a short feature on the Celebrity Reviewer ERVIC VIJARDE who I was privileged to work with and know a little deeper.

Forgive me for the title.I didn't mean to make it sensual with the word "topless"but I thought my post title would be too boring if I just say  ERVIC VIJANDRE in San Juan Batangas. Well, I am sure my female readers will forgive me,ayt?

 ERVIC VIJANDRE topless in San Juan Batangas

He is a talent of Mercator Artist and Model Management, Inc. along with other hot commodities like Victor Basa,Maria Venus Raj, Jc Tiuseco,Akihiro Sato, Daniel Matsunaga and could be regularly seen on GMA-7. He was part of the
From his Facebook account (stalker mode ****)

1632 Taguig, Philippines
January 26, 1986
Ervick Vijandre

Power Player
“Opensa sa laban, depensa sa kalaban!” - Ervic

Personal Information
Power Player“Opensa sa laban, depensa sa kalaban!” - Ervic

Athlete and ramp model Ervic Vijandre is most probably known as the ex-boyfriend of popular actress Marian Rivera.But he was a varsity player for baseball in the UAAP and a basketball player for Taguig before breaking into the modeling industry.

His goal is to make his own mark on Survivor Philippines.A "Power Player" in the hard court, will his moves steer him to victory or bring him crashing down to the ground?

What can I say.He's a tall guy.More than 6 feet tall and buffy at that.He's only mid 20's but you feel an air of maturity in him when talked to in person.He is quiet so I take that as a sign of being deep.I noticed that Ervic is not the usual Mr.Nice Guy that you find in some celebrity.I take that not as a bad trait.I think it's better for celebrities to be straightforward and speak their mind if need be.He doesn't speak much as I said but I don't take that as being snobbish.Blame it on his blackberry!He loves being alone with his phone!hahaha

He is approachable. A group of fans recognized him when we were in La Luz Resort and he was very entertaining to them.You can notice that because he was able to converse freely with them without pretensions.At least based on my impressions. We stayed in the same room most of the time in those three resorts we visited along with the other staff and guest reviewer.

My wife accidentally deleted the video greeting I asked Ervic to make for the readers of so I am leaving you with this clip of SURVIVOR PHILIPPINE Celebrity Showdown where Ervic was part of. You can also watch him in GMA-7's afternoon soap na The Good Daughter. He is also part of the upcoming movie "The Mommy Returns"


Feel free to follow him on twitter to know about his thoughts and latest projects. .We will be seeing more of ERVIC VIJANDRE in the days to come.That's for sure!!! :D



  1. sayangs at nadeletes ang message.

    AT ibang klase you, nakakuha ka ng greetings from artista. naks! ikaw na!

  2. aww sayang naman... may kulang ka pa.. if im not mistaken meron siyang gym sa cavite.. i been there twice dahil schoolmate sila ng isang kaibigan ko...

    at ikaw na ang sikat talaga t"the travel expert" naks...

    so excited to see u in tv...

  3. I was about to ask if he was the EX of Marian, then there you are. Told almost everything about this guy. In fairness, he looks yummy. hehe

  4. carnal thoughts go away. tsss hot fafa. so hot


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