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the POP TALK episode guesting on GMAnewsTv

I am not yet ready to be referred to as "travel blogger expert" I am sure some travel bloggers will raise their eyebrows when they hear that.But that's how I was called during the POP TALK episode on three different resorts in San Juan Batangas.Yes, I was guested as one of the reviewers of POP TALK which airs on GMA New Tv.

I was contacted by one of the staff of Pop Talk on the same week leading to the March 16-17 shoot.√čarly bird catches the first worm they say. I heard a few travel bloggers were contacted for guesting but I was the first to reply and confirm.This is one of the benefits of waking up early every weekdays.I was kinda skeptical at first because I am not the type who sees himself being overly exposed on tv but I have to admit I gave in to the prospect of more exposure as a blogger and the priceless experience.After all, not everybody gets this kind of privilege.........

 the POP TALK episode guesting on GMAnewsTv

"POPtalk is a 30-minute weekly news-magazine program hosted by Tonipet Gaba which delivesr unbiased, honest reviews on everything from movies to gadgets; food to events; and destinations to happening places. Panels composed of experts, celebrities, and ordinary Filipinos will place their stamp of approval or disapproval on products or services in question– leaving no room for half-hearted or in-between opinions."

for the Batangas Episode

Celebrity Reviewer--_ERVIC VIJANDRE

Young Urban Professional ----Ma Fe

yours truly
PS: expert was not me who made the title :)
the three reviewers during lunch at Kabayan Resort

We had to leave early Friday, March 16 to San Juan in Batangas. We met up in GMA Network Headquarters in QC and arrived in San Juan at around 9am.I skipped work for this one and hasn't slept a bit the night before coz I finished my shift at 12midnight and had to leave Binangonan by 3am.I barely slept 1 hour in the car on our way to Batangas so I was on "addict mode " when we arrived in the site.Our first stop was KABAYAN RESORT.


KABAYAN RESORT is an accommodation which caters to budget travelers---mostly groups and families.I heard somebody say that when you go on vacation, you plan and save for it.Well not everybody.Some people live on limited budget and impulsive instincts and so some travels are done in haste.It's the place to be if you travel with your barkada or family on a limited budget.A change in environment? A quick escape?Kabayan could be your life saver.

I don't mind to make it sound like a horrible resort okay.It's a nice place. Practical and right for the price.But of course if you want more class,you need to pay more for it ayt? Will post a separate entry on it soon.A more detailed one.


Let go back on the focus of this post first.What we did here was to try their rooms, kayaked, and ate in their Al Fresco restaurant by the sea.It was breezy that day so the delicious food they served (consists mostly of Filipino food, i.e.kare-kare, tinola,pork chop) I love the special ube and maja de blanca!
with Maria Fe (right) and another travel blogger Riza of 
ube special!!!!!

kayaking ala BryanBoy :D


We then moved to CORAL BEACH RESORT  which gave me the impression of an upscale resort.I was surprised to find out that their rates are also affordable.Reasonable might be the right word.It became clear to me by that time that resorts in San Juan are group traveler friendly.Here, you can get a beachfront room for 6 for only 5,800php. Despite the rates, rooms are clean,well kept and beautifully interiored.

 Blue Coral Batangas


banana boat 

Here, we lazied by the beach and we taped while on the banana boat.Was surprised to learn that the well known and they say---much hyped-----Acuatico Resort is just nearby.The view of that resort is inviting even from the banana boat.Also had a few shots from the pool.It was here where we had to really swim and I was kinda shy knowing that I was with two other people,one being the gorgeous Maria Fe and the other being the celebrity that is Ervic Vijandre.I didn't feel like swimming along with them but I had to.It was still fun though.My only regret was---I forgot to bring my board short so I felt like I look unflattering wearing my boxer shorts.hahaha

Didn't get to eat much here coz I was still full after eating a lot back in Kabayan Resort.By this time, It started to feel uneasy to to tiredness and lack of sleep.mahirap pala talaga maging artista.lols.What I am trying to say is, it's not easy pala to do what they do, that is, to keep the energy despite the heat, lack of sleep and tired muscle due to all the activities.Hope you got what I mean.:D


Our third and last stop during the episode.La LUZ Resort is located in the extreme end of the San Juan beachfront which extends a few kilometers long. The rooms are situated at the foot of the hill with trees in between the accommodations and the beach. The buildings therefore are not very visible from the beach.What are obvious are the huts facing the beach where one can relax.It was here in these huts where we had massage that night to the relaxing sound of the sea breaking ashore and the wind blowing mildly.Sarap! But before the massage and relaxation, we went around checking the rooms and surrounding area. We climbed the small rock at the Southwestern end of La Luz which enabled us to have another perspective of the beachfront the whole expanse of Laiya beach.We also tried snorkeling afterwards before dark.

I gave La Luz a less satisfactory score with the amenities but if I am to choose between the three resorts we visited where to stay overnight it would definitely be here. The serene feeling due to the fact that it is at the corner and the presence of trees all around made this resort a homey place for me.If you want to relax, La Luz is good place to stay.




At the end of the day, we had to evaluate the three resorts we visited in terms of 1. Facilities and Ameneties 2. Service and 3. Value for Money. The setup was along the beach of La Luz with a bonfire on the background ala Survivor.Thinking about the thing I said during the review makes me wish I didn't mess up.Nagkalat.hahaha. If you want to see the whole review and the episode.Better tune in April 3 on GMAnewsTv.
The setup was along the beach of La Luz with a bonfire on the background ala Survivor.
with host TONIPET and the two reviewers Ervic and Ma Fe
In my case, I am very nervous to see myself on National tv----this time with longer exposure.Kahihiyan! While on the bus back home, I tried to absorb the whole thing. I realized that tv is not for me.I prefer photography and not being taped running around the beach or swimming on the pool.In short, I was overwhelmed.I charge it to experience.It has been a fun one though,and a learning experience at that!I feel fortunate I was chosen among the many travel bloggers deserving of the break. I am thankful to GMA NewsTv for having me in this particular episode.

It was pleasure to work with Sir Tonipet, Ervic, Ma Fe and all the wonderful people behind the program.(INSERT heart emoticon here)

PS: Detailed reviews on the three resorts soon!
This particular episode will be aired April 3, 10pm on GMA NEWTS TV channel 11.So nervous about this one to be honest.Mukhang nagkalat lang ako don.hahaha


  1. naks... like what i say.. kahit papano pude ka na rin tawagin expert traveler.. sa dami na rin ng mga napuntahan mo lalo pa maganda naman yung mga pinupuntahan mo,,
    anyway im happie at deserve mo din naman kahit papano ng pamper session di ba...
    ang ganda sa coral beach ha.... mmmm thinking about that parang gusto mag summer getaway ulit di na naulit yun after galera ko eh,,,

  2. i agree with your review, i've been in kabayan and blue coral resort. sa la luz, tumambay lang dun sa batuhan. hehe! mapanood nga yang pop talk. =)

  3. congrats kuya.. keep up the good work .. :P

  4. Arte lang? Expert ka naman talaga e, ser anton. Ikaw na. Yu being olreydi. :D

  5. WOW! Expert Travel Blogger! Ayos! Sayang kuya ton wala kaming PinoyTV dito. panonoorin nalang kita sa internet. You'll be fine. Telegenic ka e. naksss!

  6. Aabangan ko yan!.. :)

    Magttrending ka sa twitter pag pinalabas yan.. haha :P

  7. grabe pa bigtime ka ng pa bigtime! naalala ko nun sine set up pa natin ung blog na to sa power one! now look at ya!! congrats ton :)

  8. parang maganda ung blue coral pero ayoko nung bed.. hehe :P maganda ata ung ambiance dun sa la luz.. gusto ko yun itry.. naks, pumapop-talk na.. go bigtime.. go lang ng go.. di ba endorser lang.. lols

  9. i am very lucky to have you around Alex,yeah,I remember helped me a lot during the initial stage tweaking all those codes I find very irritating and giving me a lot of insights about how to optimize my blog.ang laki ng tulong.salamat!!!!!

    @ aredee--thanks for having you as a regular customer,este,reader and my interaction.thanks so much!!!:D

  10. congrats for ur appearance in pop talk... in fairness to kabayan, it has improved a lot from the last time we were there... great pics!

  11. @pusangkalye: salamat din sa pagserbisyo, este, pagbabahagi mo ng... makabuluhang mga artikulo.. saka mo na ko libre pag anjan.. hahaha :P

  12. Nasa National TV kana? What's next? TV show na siguro... Nice exposure and resort reviews...


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