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This post is inspired by the saying ---everything looks different in the dark" --

I am a nocturnal person and I love wandering around at night.It's the best time to know a place,when everything is calm and you can easily go around feeling the city or town breath and the people cooling down after a long days work.It's when the everything settles in peace and the busyness melts in the air.Or maybe because I hate the heavy traffic or I prefer a cooler environment as i easily get irritated when it's hot and sweaty.Feeling the city at night gives you a sense of what its soul is made of and how the streets look like during its most vulnerable time,when a few people could witness what transpires and unexpected things could happen.For me, there is peace and happiness walking around a place during the wee hours of the day.

This is why no matter how tired we were, I tried to persuade my wife to take the tricycle and go to the plaza of KALIBO AKLAN one November night after our trip in Boracay. This is how Kalibo looks like at night.......

Kalibo Museum
We sat on a bench in the town plaza and watched young couples dating. We saw people eyes flash with the assurance of love and the hope it brings.We talked about our memorable stay in Boracay and wished for more travels that we can share together. We thought about our plans when we get back to Manila and yet not feel the pressure of being in a hurry to go back to our accommodation. We breathed the fresh air of Kalibo and promised ourselves that we will coming back someday and discover the place more.Wandering at night, ah, such joy,such calm..............


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