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Monday, March 5, 2012

Our #Staycation Officially Kicks Off at DUSIT THANI MANILA

I am used to not receiving gifts,as a matter of fact,I am so used to not celebrating my birthday.I remember when I was young, my family usually forget my birthday.Or maybe my parents remember but they prefer not making noise about it since there's no money to buy anything,say food, to fuel any celebration.Things have changed. Who was it who once said,

"We are unhappy 
not because as as kids our needs were unmet, 
but as adults our deprivations are un-mourned."

I am certainly glad I can afford things now and that I am married.I am assured that somebody else could remember my birthday other than myself.And there's a greater chance somebody else would give me a birthday treat.Sure did. I didn't know my wife was saving for what she calls "bakasyon grande".Yeah, it was kinda late but "huli man raw at magaling, maihahabol din".lol.So when she asked me what it is that I want for a post birthday treat,

I immediately shouted, staycation!!!!
 our staycation officially kicks off at DUSIT THANI MANILA

I know staycation means vacationing at home, but here in my review I would like to define home as staying in my country and not going abroad for a vacation.Also, I would like to stress that staying in Manila rather than taking a plane somewhere else in the Philippines is the closest to home that I can be and still get the maximum pleasure from a vacation---thus, my use of the word staycation.

My wife and I decided to take some time out from the stresses of our job and try staying in a hotel for a change. What does this mean to us? It means, lesser travel time and the comfort of knowing that home is just near.Checking-in in a hotel allowed us to relax and forget about everything else.The goal was to do as we please and not really plan for anything during the entire length of our stay.No pressure on who to talk to, who to meet, what to do first,what to do next and that kinda stuff.
Took us a few days to decide which hotel to choose since this will be our first attempt and it could mean the first and last or the start or more staycations in the future. After talking with a couple of friends who also work in the hospitality sector in Manila, we settled for DUSIT THANI MANILA.
I was tweeting some friends a few days before the staycation and all they have are good compliments for the hotel.That pacified my worries I've been to the hotel lobby before so I know how it looks like.It has all the ingredients of a Hotel with Thai accent.But I was kinda skeptical about the rooms.I know the building itself is relatively old (compared to the new hotels in the area of course) so I was a bit worried at how they maintain the place.

It is surprisingly clean and well maintained.I was surprised. The carpets from the hallway to our room I know is not the newest that you can find but it adds prestige into the place.What I am trying to say about the carpet is that it added to the soul of the hotel.It gives an air of elegance knowing that it has been there for a while but still in good shape. It's like the feeling of having an antique item in the house? There!!

Our room , The GRAND SUITE was perfect for me and my wife.The view from the window with the Makati CBD reassures me that I am in the middle of civilization but looking around in my room gave me the feeling of being secure in my quiet little space.

spacious living room area
an office desk with cable internet
elegant restroom
spent eternity at the bath tub before going to bed.relaxing hot bath!
back to the King size bed
with our friend Marvin who visited us during the day

The hotel exudes an aura distinct of DUSIT THANI MANILA. Maybe it's because of the scented/aromatic oils they burn on the hallway and everywhere. Think Thai massage, think Sauna and you know what I mean.In my case, I love it. It's soothing to the senses.It never fails to give me a relaxed feeling.Relaxation was what we was here for and the staff are all friendly and helpful. They always salute you with this Thai greeting sa-was-dee   สวัสดี which I like.Makes me wanna jump a plane and fly to Bangkok each time!


Remember my little blog post about my prejudice over Thailand? http://www.pusangkalye.net/2011/05/crazy-little-thing-called-love-and-my.html > Now I feel like I am inching closer to the country, or should I say, Thailand is inching closer towards me. I find anything Thai these days ----cool!!!And that includes the amazing food at Benjarong restaurant.My wife too.We might find ourselves in that arms of Bangkok one of these days. It's THAILAND CALLING!


The pool is located at the 2nd floor of the hotel. It was here where we lazied for more than an hour.It was windy that day. That,combined with hearing the splash of water from the blue pool made lying there relaxing. I thought of swimming but was too lazy to go back to our room at the 16th floor to change.We just watched the kids enjoy the water and told my wife maybe this is indeed an indication of ageing. We are mostly contented with sightseeing and people watching these days.It's a fun activity.hahaha


Also located on Dusit Thani Manila's second floor, Devarana's contemporary Thai design and decor depicts the exclusive and unique concept of the garden in heaven. The spa features six well-appointed treatment rooms and a dedicated area for manicure and pedicure services.

Platinum Winner: 'Spa of the Year' and 'Signature Spa Experience' - HAPA Awards (2011-2013)

Opening hour: 10:00 am. - 12:00 pm.
 Devarana Spa_manila
We didn't really try the Spa services of Devarana as it's quite pricey.But for a well recognized and multi-awarded Spa Brand, I guess you pay for only the best. Would definitely avail of it the next time we come back.Spa SERVICES here: 

D-fit FITNESS Studio

Also w located on the second floor of Dusit Thani Manila, DFiT offers the concept of "improved health, wellness and athletic skills" in the comfort of a deluxe hotel. The 973 square meters fitness studio carries the best equipment designed for distinction to meet the different fitness goals and varying needs of its members. It features Life Fitness Strength and Cardio Equipment, Cardio Entertainment System, Group Fitness Classes, Outdoor Aero Classes, Sauna and internationally qualified personal trainers.

My wife was constantly telling me she want's to work out while we were lazying at the pool. The fitness studio could be seen through a glass window from the pool and vice versa so it's very inviting to work out.
dFIT DUSIT Thani Manila
Dusit_THANI manila_Dfit gym

We had our complimentary breakfast the next day at BASIX on the ground floor which is an International restaurant. We booked for a CROSSOVER BRUNCH which Dusit Thani Manila is very famous for so we didn't eat anything heavy. Just a few bread and pastries to make sure there's enough space in our belly to try different dishes for brunch.


The hotel has four restaurants to choose from---may it be authentic Thai dishes, Italian, Japanese or International cuisine, they have it.

I loooooove the Thai food at BENJARONG RESTAURANT!

 BENJARONG- Thai  restaurant

UMU Japanese restaurant
BASIX--International Cuisine
TOSCA- Italian Restaurant


Will be talking extensively about the four restaurants and the food in my next post. We tried the CROSSOVER BRUNCH and it was awesome!


DUSIT THANI MANILA is a little piece of Thailand in the heart of Makati, at the center of it all.It certainly exceeded my expectations.best of all, it successfully  in achieving my goal of staying still in a place and leave my worries behind.My only regret----we should have stayed longer.I so love this place!

bring extra shopping money----DUSIT THANI MANILA is at the central business district of MAKATI and near many shopping malls.you will get tempted. 

look for it in my next post 

Our first STAYCATION officially kicked off February 25,2012 and the pleasant experience at DUSIT THANI MANILA means there's going to be more to come.I didn't book any flights other than that of Cebu and Davao this June coz I thought of setting other priorities.I also thought of saving this year. But who wouldn't ask sk for more if your first staycation has been this relaxing and pleasurable?

Looking forward to our next staycation!!!!

Ayala Centre, Makati City Metro Manila, Philippines
:+63 (2) 238 8888
:+63 (2) 238 8800


  1. sweet ni teresa! im glad both of you had a great time. =)

  2. wow, my birthday is just weeks away, i hope my wife would also ask me what do i want for a gift, sana maalala nya birthday ko hehehe.

  3. Looks like a super fun staycation indeed.:)

  4. hahaha I really can't comment on this because it's way out of my league... anyway, the place is beautiful...

  5. sarap mag stay sa ganyang hotel. hehehe. sana may pera me na limpak-limpak para kahit mga 2 or 3 days makatambay sa ganyang luxurious hotel :D

  6. I wish I could have a staycation like yours

  7. Oh man, this buries me in envy. I want to have my R&R soon :P

  8. wow. gs2 ko din mag stay kmi ni boyfeeee d2. Food looks yummeh!!!


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