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NINOY: The Hero in the Man Exhibit at AYALA MUSEUM

Passing through  Greenbelt Makati last night after watching an awesome theater play at GB1 when I noticed something on the wall of AYALA MUSEUM. The Giant poster which reads; NINOY: THE HERO IN THE MAN. Beside it is a big tv playing the accounts of former president CORY AQUINO about her husband.My wife's eyes got fixated with what is playing on the screen while I was wondering,is this new?Always pass by Ayala Museum but I have never really entered it.Bad me.
And now this, I immediately researched about it when I got home and I felt dumb learning that the exhibit has been on since November 22,2011.Didn't know either. My point is, there has been a lot going on inside the museum including this and I am always in the area, then why I haven't even bothered to drop by and see what's inside? I should make an effort to try it one time.........
NINOY The Hero in the Man Exhibit at AYALA MUSEUM
NINOY: The Hero in the Man Exhibit at AYALA MUSEUM

 Ninoy: The Hero in the Man

"What shouldn’t be forgotten is that because of the assassination of Senator Benigno Simeon Aquino, Jr., there was a re-awakening for the nation to fight oppression and human abuse caused by a two decade-long dictatorial rule.

Ninoy (his nickname that should always be associated to freedom and democracy for the Philippines) lived a life that he dedicated in serving the people. As a public servant, Ninoy was the youngest photojournalist for Manila Times, covering the Korean war of the 60’s. He was a special assistant to then president Ramon Magsaysay as a peace envoy. Ninoy bridged the way for the surrender of supreme Luis Taruc, leader of the insurgency group, Hukbalahap. Ninoy became the youngest elected mayor, becoming vice governor, and governor of the province of Tarlac. He was later elected as the youngest senator of the republic at the age of 34.

It was Ninoy who foresaw the growing oppression and deliberate abuse caused by an overstaying ruler that has transformed into a dictator. He used up all his resources in trying to quell this dictatorship, only to be assassinated or silenced due to his protest.A martyr, a victim or just a determined peace-loving citizen of the country, Ninoy lived his entire life in service to the people. Is he a hero for the nation?"

"Ninoy: The Hero in the Man will help the viewer in defining who a hero is."----
---from thye Ayala Museum website

This exhibition is held in partnership with the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation.
 The  exhibit runs November 22, 2011 to March 25, 2012
Ayala Museum 2nd Floor Glass lane

ALSO, I am curious.I have openly been a critic of NoyNoy Aquino's Administration.I am not saying he is corrupt or evil but I am just not happy with the political prosecution he is pursuing and wasting a lot of his time on "pagpapapogi"(even about his love life stunts, shayks!). I think he should focus more on the economy and make sure that the economics gains for the past 10 years would not go down the drain. I haven't herd of a concrete economic plan or major economic project he is pursuing.Hope there is or else God save this country.Enlighten me.

I am also wondering, I his parents are still alive. What advice(s) would they give him in leading this country? Would they approve of his current political moves? Then again. If there is somebody I really admire as a person of integrity, that would be NINOY. I think exhibits like this one in AYALA MUSEUM remind us of how great this person was.........

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  1. Hi Anton. Love Ayala Museum. Used to work there, actually! The Crossroads exhibition is actually about our pre-colonial and colonial heritage. It's at the 4th floor. Massive gold collection, check it out!

  2. I should really try this one soon :)

  3. mapuntahan nga one time :)


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