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our summer has officially started at HUNDERD ISLANDS NATIONAL PARK!

Had one of the worst trip the other weekend. I had to travel back to Pangasinan solo on a non-airconditioned bus at night.The reason, my wife was too excited to go back because it's their barangay's annual fiesta so she and her co-workers had to go earlier (after work that is), and leave me behind. I have to be a responsible husband so that means I should be excited as well, even if it means just for her. hahaha.Seriously, I also felt excited of course.Growing up in that desolate town made me think of fiestas as one of the best social events ext to Christmas and New Year.I had a lot of fun memories of these festivals.And true, fiestas in the countryside are different.............

In our town Anda Pangasinan, fiestas are celebrated as they have always been done since I was young.90% of the people still prepare food and invite guests to their house.Actually, you can drop by even if you are not invited as long as you are related to the family in any way, say 5th degree relative,friend or husband or niece of the 7th degree relative and stuff, or say, neighbor of the 7th degree relative.In our town, everybody knows everybody so everyone is a relative.See the picture?

The young people are excited as ever.It's the time when they bond with friends.Dress up and get drunk like there's no tomorrow.At night, there is a gathering at the barangay (smaller unit of a town) plaza where people do social dances.I like this part because even if I don't really dance, I see it as a good venue to be seen.People love displaying themselves so as to announce their presence.hehe

our summer has officially started at HUNDERD ISLANDS NATIONAL PARK

I wouldn't focus on that "barrio fiesta" here though. The single day festivity was in our case dominated by videoke sessions with our guests. Kinda weird though coz we failed to get drunk.We were thinking of doing so  on Saturday night but were disappointed to find out that the local government made an ordinance that NO ALCOHOL could be sold past 6pm.Damn.We were screwed.We should have stocked beer in the fridge!

 And so it was more of a clean fun thing. The next day was my aunt's birthday and so we dropped by her house for a few hours, ate a lot of food again,bid everybody goodbye and set to go to Alaminos via boat to catch the bus to Manila. But t was 4pm and the view of the Hundred Island visible from the port of Tori-Tori Anda Pangasinan lured our guests. We made a sudden decision to divert the boat to the 100 ISLANDS before going to Alaminos.............And our summer has officially started!!!!!!
QUEZON Island_100islands
I imagined going to some exotic islands again like what we did during our last trip here. . Unfortunately, we fell into the trap of going to the most touristy island in the national park----QUEZON ISLAND.I've been here many times and so the island doesn't excite me that much anymore.But it was almost 5pm when we arrived and it was a Sunday afternoon so Quezon Island which I am familiar to see crowded with beach goers looked odd with only a few people around,mostly for overnight stay. It was a Sunday, and the sun was low in the horizon, what do we expect.
We didn't waste time,changed to our swimwear and  immediately took the plunge. It was fun coz there were eight of us and the two are high school students so our group was very noisy and lively.The enthusiasm and energy of young people is indeed contagious and we all loved it.


Unfortunately, the fun was cut short. We had to heed back to the mainland before the sun sets.That's according to the boatman we contacted. The boat used is non-passenger so they can't really operate late.We were also informed that we might not be able to leave the islands anymore if it is already too late.The coast guard wouldn't allow it.The policy is that only overnight trippers can stay past 6pm.If you are not but still is in the island by sunset, you are requires to stay due to the possibility of high tide and bigger waves.We have work to catch the next day so we decided to pack up. No more island hopping.Sadness.Bitin, according to some of our companions but I thought it was just enough for a quick summer escape.

It was already dark when we docked in Lucap Alaminos. We walked to the nearest public restroom and showered.That's when I realized that the place lacks good public baths. The one we used (for 10 pesos charge per head) was dirty and the water pressure was too weak, we had to shower longer than usual.I realized this is not the type of public bath worthy of attracting foreign tourists. Sure, tourists from other countries might probably prefer check-ins and so they can access better toilets and stuff but what about another option for others who go on day tour? That's something the local tourism board should consider.Much has to be improved before 100 Islands could be considered a major tourist attraction.

Well, that's a side note. In our case, we still enjoyed our brief taste of the sun and sand of the Hundred Islands, and with this, I can say that  our summer has officially started!!!!!



  1. cant wait to go here in may.. hahhaa... sana matuloy!

  2. summer na nga!! gusto ko rin puntahan yan.. :P

  3. summer n nga ganda nman ng lugar

  4. gusto kong makapag hundred island ulit. last visit ko, high school pa lang me, wala pa akong digicam, or phone na may camera. hahahaha.

  5. kainggit, samantalang ako eh nakakulong sa bahay habang pa2sok ang summer huhuuhu


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