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What's your take on the #itsMoreFunInthePhilippines DOMESTIC JINGLE ?

I've been waiting a long time for this one.Of course a good marketing slogan should go hand in hand with a powerful jingle ayt?Finally it's out---the DOMESTIC JINGLE of the It's More Fun in the Philippines tourism campaign.I have issue with the "banig" template still ---the picture that you see all throughout the video---but that's subject to another discussion. Focusing on the song, it's not bad.Not as impressive as the version of the Regional Network Group of Abs-Cbn which is "Piliin Mo ang Pilipinas by Angeline Quinto but it's refreshing to hear a new sound quite different from the ones created by Abs-Cbn. Para maiba naman.

In terms of the message.Nothing new really.The usual stuff and I think it's not really encompassing of the diverse attractions that we have and all that we can offer.Sorry to compare with "Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas" again, that song will make you wanna board the plane and explore the Philippines.But this domestic jingle of the DOT? Why it's more fun in the Philippines? There are thousands of reasons and the tagline generated so many picture contributions on the web that the photos made us feel that other than the sights, there's more in store.If you happen to hear this jingle first before seeing the slogan photos, you might think, "what are the reasons why it's more fun uli? ""

Or maybe it was mentioned in the song, at around 2:03 in the video where some strange voices suddenly started chanting things hard to understand---"anu daw ????akala ko ma naghabulang daga tas na-record lang.lolsI felt very uncomfortable on that part of the jingle.Sorry. If there is a particular line I like it would be this.....

"Subrang swerte ng tsinelas mo, naka-tapak ka sa paraiso" 
---love that line! Totoo!!!

 What's your take on the  #itsMoreFunInthePhilippines DOMESTIC JINGLE ?

Now this video only has 200+ vies on youtube as of writing so it's pretty obvious we don't have an exact assessment yet of how people will welcome this.I admit I still need to listen to it more before I can completely settle with my opinion.But so far so good,Not that remarkable as I expected or as I hope it would be but at leats it's not a flop for me.Hope they focus on the INTERNATIONAL JINGLE. That one is really important. Why? The time when Filipinos were not yet convinced that the Philippines is an awesome destination is over.I am a convert myself. And online sites like blog are doing pretty well on spreading the word and promoting local destinations. So please focus on the INTERNATIONAL JINGLE if you are planning on having one.

Again, I will not speak too much.In the next few days, I will be asking my readers and followers on twitter what they think about the jingle and I will be updating this post to include their comments.

Now that you are reading this post, please feel free to comment below.

of my followers on twitter and facebook

Shie Sangalang i'm confused. ba't tagalog? does it mean there is a need to inform the pinoys that it's more fun here? do they focus more on local tourists? ang instant reaction ko kasi sa slogan is that the target market is foreigners. anyway, do they have eng version of this song for intl marketing?

  it's so-so for me!mas 2matatak sa isip ko ung Piliin mo ang Pilipinas jingle or dhl cguro wlng visuals kya am nt yet amazed.

 Woot woot!!! You already, senor. The jingle's great. Happy. Upbeat. Tama ka.. para maiba naman. :)))
  Sinong banda kumanata nito? Rock music is so passe. Dapat dance music ngayon. Therefore CHAKA!The jingle should also entice excitement the same way that the slogan generated. Unfortunately it didn't. CHAKA.We should be forward thinkers here...DANCE MUSIC is in these days, mala-WE FOUND LOVE or GIRL GONE WILD dapat ang jingle!

and this particular post was noticed by abs-cbn news online and the quoted a part of what I said on their report.yay! 



  1. Amazing! Made me miss home so much! Can't wait to wear flip flops. Di nga lang ganun kaswerte yung tsinelas ko, di nakaapak sa paraiso!

  2. this it is.. ok sana to kaso parang di catching young song!!mas refer ko ang gawa ng RNG ng Abs-Cbn

  3. ganda ng jingle!!! hehehehe!!! pero mas maganda ung sa ABS!

  4. Ay! Sana kung alam kong publish ang tweet ko, sana ginandahan ko ang comment. LOL.. joke.

    Ako, okay na sakin to. It's upbeat. Kumbaga, mapapaindak ka din. Maganda nga yung sa ABS pero meron namang sariling charm tong jingle na to. Notice ko rin na nasa wiking Filipino, kahit na yung target is the international scene. Pero baka nga sinadya lang din.. We are Filipinos, after all. Siguro tama lang ding gamitin ang wikang Filipino sa Jingle natin.

    I honestly think it's a great jingle. Yun lang. XD

  5. di ko siya natapos.. pakinggan ko uli.. :P


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