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CNN and the World has its #eyeonthephilippines

I am still on "bangag"mode as I just came home from another out-of-town-weekend.Checked my tweets before calling it early morning siesta but one of the tweets caught my attention.CNN is featuring the Philippines on a whole week of focus on the country.I jumped out of bed and immediately opened my tv. ---CNN EYE ON THE PHILIPPINES.!!!!!

CNN and the World has its #eyeonthephilippines

We are finally getting the attention we deserve. Featured today are the CALL CENTER INDUSTRY and the interview with Lance Gokongwei (hope I got the spelling right).

Things are loooking up!The fact that CNN is featuring us means something.We will not be having this slot if CNN doesn't see the economic growth and all the good prospects of the country.I looove the location of the live report of ANNA COREN.She was somewhere in the city of MANILA with the American style government buildings behind her and the Skyline of Makati on the backgroud.Ganda!


OMG!and the DOT has started with its international campaign kaso nppngitan ako.

Why picture campaign parin, and the pictures don't even look high res to me.Or is it just me?The music is not catchy too.I was expecting more.Sadness :(

Will watch again tomorrow morning! CNN International's Eye On series is visiting the Philippines. Read and watch in-depth reports from the country online and on TV until May 14.

Share your photos on their iREPORT section and
show the world how beautiful this country is. Will do my share later :)


  1. Oops, things are going great eventually. We're getting there...there! What a news blast!


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