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LAHING ANDA almost nailed the Showtime Inter-town Grand Finals title

ANDA is a small sleepy town in Western Pangasinan.It is a 4th class municipality which was isolated for a long time from the rest of Mainland Pangasinan.Andanians are proud of themselves but we have to admit its sometimes hard to find reasons to celebrate here. The overflowing joy people felt (myself included) is therefore understandable when LAHING ANDA made it to the inter-town Finals of the noontime variety show SHOWTIME on Abs-Cbn.

And we almost made it as the GRAND CHAMPION!

LAHING ANDA almost nailed the Showtime Inter-town Grand Finals title


I arrived in Poblacion Anda last Saturday in time for their performance.I have no involvement in this whatsoever as I was just back in my hometown for my niece's christening but I have always felt proud Anda is in the limelight because of this competition.That place is unknown to many of course and so heartwarming that our local talents were able to compete on a National scale against so many good team and it showed that we Andanians are equally talented.


The town gym was filled with people who were there to support our participants.It was very noisy all throughout and having arrived late means it was difficult for me to take a good spot to take photos.I felt the pride  among our folks.When I got home, poeple have been talking about the performance and my relatives were very excited coz LAHING ANDA got very good feedbacks from the judges and Vice Ganda himself gave them a perfect 10.

Then came the other heavyweights..............  Bacolod Masskara and laCastellana. I saw both performances and all three of them were deserving of the title. Then the parade of tweets about the three teams.Pati mga tao nahirapan.

here are some of the tweets:

Pwede ba Triple Tie? at ? My gawwdddd

Walang itulak at kabigin sa performance ng , dumaguete's pride at bacolod masskara

Should have won in Showtime. They got standing-o and Jhong only gave 9, really! or is it bec of the audience fav. I don't know!

Gusto ko sana manalo yung sa pero okay lang. Congrats Bacolod Masskara!
Nadaan sa helicopter!!! Sayang ang at

Showtime_LAHING ANDA_ 

It was revealed later on that there was a triple tie so all the judges had to deliberate and finally chose BACOLOD MASSKARA as the GRAND CHAMPION.
I immediately tweeted. "   !!!syempre taga Anda proud of my hometown.take note,4th class municipality pero palaban! !!

then came another status update on FB.....

 Lumamang ng 1pt ang #BacolodMasskara over #LahingAnda and #BailesDeLuces.Magaling yung 3 pero lamang s helicopter ang Bacolod.aminin ntin yan.

 The last comment generated a few reactions and I understand it was  a "touchy" remark. And so I had to clear things out ....

"The politics of contests.and we understand that.I congratulate Bacolod,I think they are deserving.what I am saying is,at the end of the day,they picked 3 of them but had to weight all aspects and chose only one.the helicopter that I was talking about is just part of that----mahirap explain.basta.congrats Bacolod :)
 Basta,deserving ang 3.pero kung isa rin ako s mga judges,pipiliin ko ultimately ang Bacolod.reasons?marami.and partly for the politics of contests :)"
 Naku do I say this. The politics thingy---it's not about dayaan I didn't mean that.Kinda complicated.explain.basta it has something to do with weighing all the factors.Wanna say at the end of the day.If I were one of the judges,gaya ng nangyari after the triple tie, i would still choose Bacolod.And for so many reason, one of them would be the effort of the local government during the presentation---wala nang bo-BONGGA don, and +1 don ang Bacolod.As such, I mentioned about the helicopter which is not meant to ridicule but to say the least na the fact na me chopper means talagang all out ang Bacolod among other things, and that sealed the win,Sorry if I didn't clear that one.So that's settled. :)

So I guess what I wanna say finally is that I am so proud of my LAHING ANDA and our little town. A small town big a big spirit and this Showtime Inter-town Competition gave us the chance to unite and feel proud of ourselves.

We have to put it in record that it was a triple tie so that in itself is something we can claim.Diman napunta sa Anda ang title, panalo narin dilang sa mga taga Anda and Pangasinan but to many people all over the Philippines.And the fact that we were able to give big cities like Bacolod a good fight is an achievement in itself.

I am soooo proud of our youth in Anda Pangasinan.Congratulations LAHING ANDA!!!!



  1. pambato ng mga pinsan ko ung taga olongapo kaso mababa ang score hehe

  2. di ko to napanood dahil sa shift sa opis. sayans. mukang maganda ang laban noong finals

  3. napanuod ko to tumayo rin balahibo ko sa performance nila at magagaling tlaga ang 3 pero kelngan 1 ang winner...
    pero i think medyo nkarmdam ka ng dayaan factor. hehehe. dahil natalo ang bet... pero really proud on your town, pang world class performance ginawa nila at yun nag coreo is bata pa lang....

  4. Galing ng Lahing Anda! I'm proud to be an Andanian too! ^_^

  5. sosyalin lang ng post na to ahihi nandun ang tweet ko hehe ^_^ Taga Pangasinan Daddy ko so kahit pano nandun sa Lahing Anda ang Simpatya ko ^_^


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