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the sauna at QUAN SPA Marriott Manila

This was one of the highlights of our #2nd hotel staycation last March 24. This actually came as a surprise.When we checked in at Marriott Manila, I didn't know and I was not told that they have a sauna area which could be accessed for free if you are a guest. It's the pool area that I am always curious about as it is for me one of the showcases of a hotels pride. It was in the afternoon of our first day when we were lazying by the poolside----an unusually rainy summer with a few lightning on the horizon so we were not allowed to have a swim.

Good thing I felt the need to pee and my wife was not in the mood to go back to the room yet. I decided to go to the male restroom.That's when the surprise revealed itself. Turns out that the restroom at the poolside of Marriott Manila is not just an ordinary shower room with toilets,it's a SAUNA Facility at the same time!
QUAN SPA_marriott Manila 
 the sauna at QUAN SPA Marriott Manila

I immediately checked with the 2nd floor  front desk and they confirmed that the sauna and hot pool is free for use for guests.Bingo!My wife and I excitedly asked for towels and separated rooms without asking each other what time to go back to our rooms. All we thought of was a relaxing sauna session.


Turns out that this facility is actually part of QUAN SPA located at the 2nd floor.The sauna/hot pool section could be accessed via the poolside. It has 2 suana's---dry and smoke. I hot pool and lot's and lot's of lockers. This is also the shower room for swimming pool users.

I am not sure if I am allowed to publish these photos since the facility displays signs "camera prohibited"but I was the only one in the place that night so i had the luxury of going around taking photos without hearing any objections from other guests.

the dry sauna
QUAN_SPA_sauna area1
the hot pool

I stayed in the hot pool for around 30 minutes.I can actually stay here forever listening to the water bubbles why detoxifying at around 40 degrees Celsius water temperature. Work well whenever I feel lower and upper back pains since the buoyancy of the water eases the tension caused by my body weight on my bone structure.

There's a water dispenser nearby so that you can readily hydrate yourself.There are also benches where you can lie down while taking a break from the hot pool.
QUAN_SPA_sauna area_ 
 I tried the steam sauna next.One of the loveliest steam sauna I tried.First of all, it's spacious, so you don't feel like being suffocated since the smoke makes you feel like you are in a cave or something. The temperature is perfect. If you look at the ceiling, you see hundreds of small lights blinking like stars with different colors---blue, green, yellow.I was entertained. Nakakatuwa.

I also tried the dry Sauna, Equally perfect!The tenperature is just right for you to detoxify with =out the struggle of staying inside a few more minutes.Sa iba kasi subrang init, effort masyado sa tiisan-portion :)
 QUAN_SPA_sauna area 
vanity kits
 One more thing, you can be sure you will be very relaxed without having to worry about your stuff since they have so many lockers.The facility is clean, spacious and not crowded.I was the only one there that night as I said. This section of the hotel should not be missed when you check in.
clean,spacious lockers

The pool is only open until 8pm so when I wanted to check on my wife at around 9pm, I was surprised when I could open the door leading to the pool.I panicked a little at first. I thought they might have thought nobody was inside the facility anymore that time. It's weird coz it should be open until 10pm.I immediately reached for the phone near the locker area and called the reception. "They locked me in" I said. After a few seconds, an attendant appeared and showed me the exit access to the main corridor at the 2nd floor. My bad, hahaha.

I went out at 9:30 pm because my wife was already waiting for me at the 2nd floor reception. Both of us had a relaxing time at the sauna that both of us agreed to wake up early the next day and go back. We spend a few hours more in the facility on Sunday morning.

The Sauna and Hot Pool facility at Mariott Manila is definitely a BIG PLUS for the hotel.My wife and I both agreed.She actually said, she could live in the sauna forever. She was just exaggerating of course.hahaha
QUAN SPA is located at the 2nd floor
No. 10 Newport Boulevard,Newport City Complex, Pasay City · Manila, 1309 Philippines 


  1. Hellooo!

    I was pretty amazed on how everything was designed from the toilets to the sauna and everything looks pretty classy which i guess, it reflects with the name of the 5 star hotel.

    At first, i thought everything will be something like an open concept like the ryokan that i experienced in Japan ( but it turned out pretty nice and gorgeous with relaxing to indulge in and most importantly, PRIVACY. :p

    It's time to make my way here... soon!! Will love to try this!!

  2. parang dito nagkaroon ng scandal?? tama ba?? hahah

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