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who are the bloggers behind PHL360 ?

I usually say OMG when I am very excited, but when I heard about this project, I remarked HALLELUIAH instead. Honestly, I wasn't able to instantly explain my feelings when the project PHL360 came to my awareness .Now I know that it was a combination of wonder and excitement.

My wonder boils at the fact that the whole thing was planned with such secrecy that I haven't heard of it until other bloggers started writing about it.To note that I know some of the people who are behind the project.Have I detached myself too much from the "travel blog scene?". I was one of those who wondered who the 8 main participants will be.I was reduced into one of the ordinary netizens who were wearily curious about who among my favorite bloggers will be part of the team .But this is not about me,it's BIGGER and when it occurred to me one by one who these bloggers are,that sense of wonder turned in excitement.

HALLELUIAH because this project is brilliant!To think that this is a new media initiative made me even more amazed. So what is Team PHL360? 

"It is an independent production organization composed of travel advocates, bloggers and cinematographers. They will be producing a series of webisodes fostering independent and advocacy travel marketed through the new media."

who are the bloggers behind TEAM PHL360 ?

When  their main website was officially launched the other day,
it became more clear to us what the whole thing is about.

"For PHL360, travel is more than recreation; it is a lifestyle. We go beyond the destination by promoting cultures, people, heritage, environment preservation and patriotism.

This travel show serves as our venue of fostering domestic and in-bound travel. Utilizing the new media, our webisodes are easily accessible to anyone in any part of the world."

Concept of the Show

PHL360 is a 16-episode fusion of reality TV and travel show circling around the stories of eight indie travelers embarking on a trip around the Philippines. This is an entertaining and informative project for gung-ho and bold travelers who share the same passion and advocacies as independent travelers. Eight different kinds of travelers doing four extraordinary trips in four different destinations in the country (north, south, east and west). Eight folks will be grouped into four.

Say, a surfer is partnered with mountaineer or party-traveler meets camper. Each duo travels to a place both not suited to their personalities with a mission of “how they will make the trip extra meaningful.” We will see what happens after the weekender trip and some surprise twists along the way. It is a reality/documentary show so everything will be recorded from pre-travel to post trip. Each show runs for 15 minutes, airing every Tuesday and Saturday.

The 16-episode alternative travel show will be available on their website ( soon and I have to admit I was impressed at how good the site is. This only shows the organization and sophistication at which this group is operating even at an initial stage.I think I am not the only one here who has "high expectations"about it now. So far, so good.Impressive. And it is my sincere wish that the whole thing would satisfy our expectations as I am very excited to throw my support at the project.

The 1st webisode will be a make or break.



“I travel to try things out there in the open, if I fail and screw up, who cares? No one know me… So I’ll just have to pick myself up, and do it again!”
- Rebel Tramp
“Travel is only glamorous in retrospect”
- Gutsy Chick
“When I look at my drawings, I clearly remember when and how the drawing was made”
- Artsy Backpacker
“Not everything is about this big city, and life-changing lessons are best learned outside the well-known universities.”
- Urban Nomad
“Getting lost is fun.”
- Adventure Buff
“My life is like a movie, the world is my stage, and I’m the star”
- Sporty Tripper
“I may be the least experienced traveler, but that doesn’t make me any less passionate”
- Quirky Wanderboy
“Faith, hope, and love. Such things should be tucked deep in your pocket, or wound around your wrist and ankles, or closely braided with the strands of your hair, or inked on your skin when you travel…”
- Hippie Hobo

I am very jumpy into revealing to my readers who the 8 BLOGGERS are but I don't want to be antagonistic so hold your breath a little longer guys.Maybe you can just pm me for the mean time as I promised not to tell until they are officially revealed.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: I would like to add that this is something that I have been waiting for.A travel initiative by travel bloggers themselves.It's an indication of strength for the Philippine blogging community and that strength is to be compounded by this project.Let's celebrate that we have individual bloggers who are doing remarkably well in their individual fields and the fact that they are organizing behind this brilliant project should make the Philippine Online Community step up their support.At the end of the day, the success of this PHL360 will be everybody's success.

I am throwing my support on TEAM PHL360!Bring it on guys!!!!!

please follow PH360
Facebook page at
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  1. hahah.. supporter ka na rin.. haha damn... ito na.. im so excited to the #phl360!!!
    travelling soon!!

  2. PHL360 - edit mo yung title mo. it says PH360 lang. hehe

    so, kilala mo na yung 8? ^_^

  3. yung isa na naka-orange parang si creativedork

  4. OMG-----my muntik ko nang ni-reveal ha kung sinu sinu---buti nalang pinigilan ako ni Lloyd.lols

  5. i've also seen this from Chyng's tweet.. napa-NGANGA ako sa video.. nice one.. astig na astig!!!

  6. Wow, nice! I support this! :)

    I see Robx (Creative Dork) and Hannah (FlairCandy). The rest, parang I have a clue, pero not sure. :)

  7. exciting to ha. maiimtriga na din ako. parang si chyng yung isa. wahehe

  8. Basta ako bet ko dyan sina.... Adventure, Sporty at si Quirky :P

  9. Dapat may Team Team din to! Alam ko na kung kanino ako sasali. wahahahaha!

  10. I'm sooo teased by the teaser!!
    I was downright curious on who they might be.
    but after watching the teaser, I can;t wait to see then..
    I just need to keep my mouth shut for now. lol!


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