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in search for THE LAST WILD PLACE

Are there any wild places left in the Philippines? or better say, is there any?

I was a university student when I started wandering around mainland Pangasinan.That's the closest thing I can get to the concept of "travel".I remember telling myself that time that Pangasinan is too crowded.I remember going to beaches and seeing garbage which disappointed me.In my mind, "the fact that there is garbage here means this place is already spoiled".

Going back to the question,I would say I DON'T KNOW anymore.I have been traveling more these past few years but I have only been to touristy areas so I am not the person to ask on this one.

But if you insist on knowing,as most of us are really curious,we could be luck. There is a new reality travel show that explores the Philippine wild using eco-friendly and responsible means of travel across some of the most stunning places in the country----- THE LAST WILD PLACE.

in search for  THE LAST WILD PLACE

With the sobering facts that face the Philippines' natural wonders including deforestation and destruction to the coral reefs, the show sets out to ask a simple question:

The Last Wild Place was created to search, find, document, create awareness and ultimately launch a call to arms to conserve these places before they disappear. Presented through the eyes of four friends and adventure enthusiasts who all share a passion for adventure, discovery and conservation, the



The project was officially launched on the  24th of May, 2012 at the Urdaneta Village Friendship Hall in Makati City where the cast and people behind the project were finally revealed.I sent my blog correspondent Krizelle Marie Pari-An to cover the event and we owe the photos to her (the one with her watermark).



I like the fact that this project is not just founded on the context of encouraging people to visit places and spend money but it has a deeper purpose ---A SOUL,that is utilize tourism to create a positive impact on local communities and to leave minimal footprint to the environment through the use of sustainable travel practices.

· Green Travel
We minimize travel by air and use the extensive road and RORO network around the country to minimize our carbon footprint

· Respect Local Communities
Experience your native destinations just like a local would do. Immerse your self in the unique culture, food, customs, and beliefs of your host destination.

· Protect the Environment
Practice Leave No Trace (LNT) principles when you visit natural areas to ensure minimal human impact to the environment.

· Travel Small
Traveling in small groups will provide you with that rare opportunity to intimately connect with people and with nature.

On my Facebook wall, I shouted:

I was looking at the photo set of THE LAST WILD PLACE submitted to me by my blog correspondent Krizelle Marie Pari-an (seated extreme right) when I came across the group picture of those who were in the launch of the new reality TV show that explores the Philippine wild.There's Journeying James and Ferdz Decena pala! Sayang, I was not available that night.would have been nice chatting with these 2 well known travel bloggers :)


Rico Calero 
 Federico A. Calero ( Ricoted)

Age: 49
Hometown: San Juan City
Business Man
Countries you’ve visited: Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, Hongkong, Malaysia
Favorite places: Seaside areas, rural islands, waterfalls in its natural settings.
Favorite saying:Hard to tell, but what I want to live by everyday is to be strive to be positive always
Favorite places in the Philippines and why.

Hundred Islands, Aurora Province, Sibuyan Island.
Because this places are peaceful and beautiful and remote. There is a feeling of tranquility and serenity that is soothing to the senses. It’s a way of enjoying the beauty around in its natural setting.

Why you think The Last Wild Place should be a show Filipinos should watch.

" The Last Wild Place is an adventure show that will highlight the beauty that is truly “pinoy”. The show will capture areas in the Philippines that has been hardly heard of by urbanite manilenos and expound on its different attributes thru the eyes of the different host and the camera.

The last wild place will serve as a tool that will encourage the Filipinos to appreciate the last remaining areas of beautiful environments that still exist in the Philippines and to remind the Filipinos that we should be proud of this heritage and to take it to heart to protect this unique environment and preserve it in order for the coming generations to appreciate the beauty that we can say is “sarilingatinito”. The beauty that will transcend time and space will eventually be appreciated thru a global perspective and eventually elevate the Philippines as a tourist destination that is worth to be visited time and time again."
Ivan Sarenas 

 Ivan Sarenas

Hometown: Davao City
Occupation:Photographer / Writer / Cinematographer
Countries you’ve visited:
Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan, France, Belgium, U.K.
Favorite places: Northeastern Sierra Madre, Luzon, Philippines
Favorite saying: “Solviturambulando” (it is solved by walking)
Favorite places in the Philippines and why.
Above, because at this point in our history, it is closest to my idea of wilderness as you can have it in the Philippines.
Why you think The Last Wild Place should be a show Filipinos should watch.

"To know ourselves we have to know our grounds. There is so much of the Philippines that is unknown to the Filipino, this show aims to spark the interest of everyone to explore these places that deserve attention."
Paul Cuenca 
 Paul Cuenca

Age:  45 yrs old
Hometown: Makati City
Occupation: Entrepreneur / Adventure Travel Outfitter

Countries you’ve visited: Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, UK, France, Spain, Italy, USA, Mongolia, Thailand, Germany, Iran, Canada, Taiwan, Korea, China, Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Brunei

Favorite places:
Mongolia – this place is the wildest and most pristine area that I have visited. A country where 50% of the population still practices a nomadic way of life and where nature is the dominant feature in daily life.
Raja Ampat, West Papua New Guinea – one of the top dive sites in the world because of its remote location and fantastic wildlife viewing both under and above water.

Favorite saying: The journey is always more fascinating than the destination 
Favorite places in the Philippines and why: There are too many beautiful areas and each place has its own unique character that it’s hard to pick one favorite. But if I had to pick, it will be the places that we’ll be visiting in the Last Wild Place since I haven’t been to these pristine areas. 
Why you think The Last Wild Place should be a show Filipinos should watch.

 "Filipinos should be made aware and should be proud of its unique natural heritage. There should be a tradition of protection & conservation for our National Parks. Responsible and sustainable tourism should be practiced in these natural areas. These are the objectives that we will try to achieve in the Last Wild Place which we hope will ignite the interest of the public for the places that we visit."
Anna Varona 
 Anna Varona

Age:45 AND LOVING IT!!! 
Hometown: Alabang 
Occupation: Artist (sculpture and painting) photographer, women and children’s advocate. 
Countries you’ve visited: Japan, HK, England, Rome, Florence, Venice, Amsterdam, Czech Republic, U.S., Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia 
Favorite places: At home with my kids…Church 
Favorite saying: God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle 
Favorite places in the Philippines and why: I have yet to find out 
Why you think The Last Wild Place should be a show Filipinos should watch.
This will help educate people like me who do not have that much knowledge beyond Boracay, Batangas and Puerto Galera 
Additional info: 6 kids, 2 husbands, 3 dogs, gospel singer and assassin.

The Last Wild Place cast 

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As a travel blogger myself (or shall I say, a blogger who travel?), I have been wanting to write a comprehensive post on my purpose for traveling and share them to my readers. Travel completes one's education they say and it feels good when you know you have the power to share the lessons you learn in your journeys. I share the ideals of the THE LAST WILD PLACE. This new one hour reality travel show will take us to the great outdoors from Romblon, the Babuyan Islands, the Northern Philippines, Mindoro, Eastern Visayas and Mindanao, and Negros with the message of responsible tourism as well as their preservation and conservation. The expedition travels via land and sea and along the way, tell the story of our people and culture.

It time we look at the Philippines in a different light.

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