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DPPVI Anniversary Party coverage via Zeke Tan

I was browsing trough some albums of my photographer friends in Facebook with the hope of finding coverage to the recently concluded Digital Photagrapher Philippines'6th Anniversary Party (DPPVI).I did find a couple of albums and looking at the pictures,I got a grasp of what transpired that day.

I immediately left a note on the group page of Young Photographers Philippines (YOPHO) asking if anybody of those who attended might want to share the photos to my readers.One heed the call.So here are some of the snaps of ZEKE TAN of YOPHO.
DPPVI Anniversary Party coverage via Zeke Tan

As expected in any DPP event, there are lectures..........

 And more lectures......
It can't be helped.Those lectures are very useful.Especially because the lecturers at DPP events are the icons of photography in the Philippines. The roster includes the following this year:  Xander Angeles,Manny Librodo,Raymund Isaac,Sara Black,Loel Lamala,Paco Guerrero,Ben Chan,Mark Dimalanta,Ricky Ladia,Edwin Martinez,Jay Jallorina,Jiggie Alejandrino,Niko Villegas, Boboy Librodo,Joe Galian,Borj Meneses and Val Rodriguez. That's a powerhouse! .

I remember listening to MANNY LIBRODO's lecture last year. . H eis one of my idols in photography and a few minutes of being an audience to his talk taught me a lot of things.

DPP Anniversary Parties are a venue for photographers to gather and share ideas on the trade. Bonifacio High Street which usually prohibits shooting without permit becomes awash with photographers and the guards couldn't do anything but watch photographers in their hundreds flooding the whole of high street.

Of course DPP Anniversaries are known for LIVE SHOOTS.
They introduced something new this year----- CARS!!!!!!
The organizers know too well that photographers love CAR SHOWS .........and of course , GIRLS!!!!!!

Now that's something to spice things up! Hot girls and cars.Kulang nalang me car wash na peg. Water please!!!lol

Hope next time me LANDSCAPE photography naman like this one. nyahaha.Landscape!!!!

There you go with the DPPVI Anniversary Party.Now you know what transpired.I am sure you are looking forward to next years Anniversary.Thanks Zeke Tan for sharing these photos!!!

Zeke Tan studied photography at the Federation Of Philippine Photographers Foundation and is currently a member of the Young Photographers Club of the Philippines (YOPHO). Learn more about YOPHO here:



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  2. what's a party with out girls might as well what's a car with out gorgeous girls as well


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