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JESSICA SANCHEZ is the 2012 American Idol

Yes, I already claimed it!I am not saying this because I am Filipino.Watched the performance and I am convinced that JESSICA SANCHEZ nailed it. Having Jessica and Phillip Phillips in the finals is like seeing two completely opposite singers battle it out for the title.Whilst Phillip is no doubt a sensational singer,Jessica Sanchez is the better belter fit for a singing contest like AI. I have no doubt in my mind that Phillip will sell millions of albums but this one is definitely for Jessica Sanchez.

Rounds 1 and 2 were definitely Jessica's.Round 3 was a difficult call.I was just disappointed that they were given different songs.I thought it's supposed to be the same?

 JESSICA SANCHEZ is the 2012 American Idol


ROUND 1: JLo says it’s the battle of the opposites. Randy thinks round one went to probably Jessica.
 ROUND 2: Steven says Jessica took it! Randy says it was even! J.Lo gives it to PP!
ROUND 3: On Phil Phillips, Randy loved everything about it, a true artist he said. JLo said that was a Phillip Phillips song there’s nothing on the radio that sounds like that. Steven thinks he’s the man.


Phillip Phillips is gonna win according to Dial Idol. And that website never gets it wrong. Thanks a lot, horny teenage girls & housewives.
See! Even Phillip thinks Jessica killed it!!! So what are you guys waitin for, VOTE FOR JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!
Phillip Phillips look like a juicy Big Mac
Who doesn't love trying to predict the winner during the ?
White guys with guitars have dominated this game far too long. About time we break the mold this year.
Dear teenage girls: please don't ruin the finale by voting for the cute boy. Text VOTE to 5701 for !
Yeah, and they give a standing ovation to Philip. OK, Pinoys worldwide ... Let's send them out text tsunami to show 'em what we got.So they think they can bamboozle the world with another White Guy With Guitar. Pinoys, let us take out our phones to tell them what we got!Somehow at the back of my mind, I knew this was going to happen. Will they permit an Asian Latina be called THEIR Idol?
 Despite that standing ovation, I am optimistic that the true test of talent is not in a contest but in a career, You go, Girl!



 Voting Through skype for Jessica Sanchez 1-866-436-5701 or 1-866-436-5703 or 1-866-436-5705.

As of writing, voting is still ongoing.And while its sooooo tempting to dial skype from here in the Philippines,I think I will leave it to the American people to decide for their idol--that's why it's called American Idol in the first place.My only wish is that they judge the performance as it is and not because of any other reasons,say,race,looks etc.

I agree with what the judges said about Jessica's last song (the original) It's not her.Randy jackson said it's nice that despite that,Jessica was able to do something with the song. Jlo went on to say that in the future, if they give her a song which is not her, she can say NO.I agree.Too bad, Jessica is at the moment a contestant in a tv reality singing contest and she doesn't have much option but to accept a song given to her. Now who composed this song for her again?Shayks.

Whoever will be crowned American Idol Season 11, Jessica Sanchez has definitely shown the world that she is best singer in this installment.Thanks Jessica for inspiring all of us.You are the reason why I watched American Idol again.For me, you are the 2012 American Idol !!!!!


  1. as i've blogged too, i'm one for jessica.. i love her voice and renditions.. it's just nice she ended up there, ayoko lang OA na magvote din.. kasi hindi naman Pinoy Idol yung contest. American Idol naman. It's still gonna be their idol.

  2. What timezones does those times indicates? is it UTC/GMT/PST or time here in the Philippines? mabuhay ka Jessica

  3. kutob ko ay phillip phillips. pero malay mo mali ang hunch ko. hahahah

  4. great show! I still prefer Survivor as the best reality show ever made. Kudos to Sanchez


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