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BYAHE@GIMIK: My Sonshine Radio Interview

I never thought my voice sounds this good. Kidding! On the radio at least.And my first ever take on a radio interview happened Friday last week.I was asked if I can talk about travel blogging just like three or four other travel bloggers,including Estan of who have graced the show BYAHE@GIMIK hosted by Sir Toni Cuevas.They usually feature travel bloggers for live interview on Fridays and I feel honored to be one of those bloggers who have graced the show for a live chat.

The interview was very relaxed.We talked about blogging,travels and my love for Boracay.OMG,I think I talked too much about Boracay!.And I think I didn't really say anything significant when sir Toni asked me about my advice to the listeners.I want to go back and make another statement. lol

At any rate, they gave me a copy of the interview so I hope you can listen to it :)

BAG061512.mp4 from Antonio on Vimeo.

BYAHE@GIMIK: The Sonshine Radio Interview of pusangkalye

with Toni Cuevas---at parang ako ang me radio program.lols

I love it when Mr.Toni said I am always welcome to come back to talk about my future trips.I consider myself a newbie when it comes to the field of travel so expect more destinations to be conquered by pusangkalye. And since I enjoyed the radio interview soooooo much,I think I will be coming back for more!:)

DZAR-- Sonshine Radio is an  AM station owned and operated by Sonshine Media Network  located at the 3rd Floor, ACQ Tower Building, Santa Rita Street,EDSA Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati.



  1. shalan!! ikaw na ang naiinterview via radio. :D

  2. You were mumbling Anton haha... kahit ano na lang pagusapan LOL

  3. wow sikat my interview session nice one

  4. ang haba.. haba ng interview.. nice one!! go lang ng go!! :P

  5. ang likot-likot namang guest nito.



    mwah! :p

  6. Nice! Mapanood nga yung vid after office. Bawal youtube eh. Hehe


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