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KUALA LUMPUR Blogger Adventure Challenge

Looks like I am going to pause on my Cebu2012 Series first.

Tonight,I will be on the maiden flight of Airphil Express to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where I will be joining seven other Philippine Bloggers on a tour sponsored by the fastest growing airline company in the Philippines in partnership with the Malaysia Tourism Board.

I am fresh from a tour of Cebu and Davao  where I unfortunately acquired cough and flu.So I am still on medication and on recovery mode.I am not complaining.This is a big opportunity and I am very grateful for it.By all means,I have to be on the 1st ever flight of Airphil Express to KL! :)

 KUALA LUMPUR Blogger Adventure Challenge

But just when I thought it's gonna be the usual tour where we don't have to plan for our itineraries coz everything's already set, this one is more of an Amazaing-Race-con-blogging type of tour. Everything is paid for of course.But the twist is, we will be given an allowance and we have to set our own itinerary for the tour.Fun ayt?Yes.I am sooooo excited.On top of that, we will be doing LIVE BLOGGING too!

What to be expect

Live updates ,not just on twitter and facebook but on my blog too.
(This will be my first time to do blogging on the go)

Highlight on exciting and interesting tourist sites in Luala Lumpur
(I will try a couple of off the beaten attractions if I could)

A guide to all Filipino Travelers in Kuala Lumpur
(I will try to be as detailed)

Try to prove that Kuala lumpur could be a budget destination
help me resist the taxi's when on tamad mode
as they might eat on much of my budget---fingers crossed)

Have fun while doing all these stuff
(the hardest part when you are on time pressure :( )

tourism malaysia

Also, expect no editing on my photos for the mean time.Do you get the picture now?It sounds so exciting but I am also feeling nervous.Especially because I only learned about it this afternoon and it's going to be my first time to Kuala Lumpur so i have a lot of research to do.Shayks!Wish me luck guys!

And also, i would like to say sorry in advance to my email subscribers if you get flooded by multiple posts from June 21-24.Please bear with me.Hope to bring back the favor by trying to make my entries as informative as possible.Please don't unsubscribe. hehehe :)


  1. aantayin ko ang blog mo about malaysia kasi by july, dyan ang gala namins :D

  2. Cool Anton! Have Fun! I have never been to Malaysia, so I will await your posts! Hope you find time to buy pasalubong for your Manila Blogger Friends :D

  3. have fun on your trip to KL!
    and congratulations for this sponsored trip! :)

  4. Nice! Have fun and enjoy the challenge...Goodluck sir!

  5. go! go! go! enjoy and have fun..

  6. You are so lucky!

  7. You are so lucky!

  8. have fun and take care of your self best of luck!!

  9. Good luck!
    I'm a blogger from Msia, KL.

    Do drop me an email if u need help :)

  10. Hanton!!! Happy trip!! welcome to Malaysia! you got my #. hope to see u in Kl! :)


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