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Pineapple Fried Rice for dinner at JALAN ALOR

2nd night in KL and the first night I was alone.All the other bloggers went off to their respective destinations while I decided to stay in the hotel and feel KL at night.Then it started to sink.That I was alone with myself.I looked around the room still unsure what I want to do where to go.I was still physically tired from the Cebu-Davao trip I had a few days before flying to malaysia so I had to resist just lying there in my bed getting lazy as usual.

Then I realized I haven't eaten dinner yet.Was starving.I forced myself to get up and explore the busy streets outside.I think Tourism Malaysia put us in Bukit Bintang for a reason,it's where everything is accessible.It's where the streets are alive at night,even as late as 3am on weekends.Just a few block away from the hotel is the famous street of JALAN ALOR.............
 JALAN ALOR at night

 Jalan Alor is an entire street dedicated to cheap hawker food ,mainly local Chinese cuisines.Saw a couple of Malaysian and Thai dishes as well.I walked from tip to tip of the street thinking what to eat.I have no idea what to try as I am the most illiterate blogger you can find when it comes to food.

 I started tweeting my friends and they gave a few suggestion.I wasn't brave enough though so when I finally settled in one of the restaurants seated alone in one of the tables located on the street,I summoned to what is comfortable for me.The names of food are all foreign to me (as expected) ,so I was relieved when I saw the word pineapple in one of the menu.Pineapple rice it's gonna be for dinner then. :(
before my food was served,it occurred to me that I feel bad about the choice I mean.Come on, there are a bunch of choices but I settled for something with pineapple.How lousy.And so I ordered beer to drown my frustration.Never again I told myself to be unprepared when eating out.The food was nice though.I can't complain about the taste.It comes with with shrimps, fish sauce,almond and fresh pineapple of course.I wanted to try another meal but I felt full after finishing it.Plus it's cheap, I remember that the beer is even more expensive,around  RM15.

I thought I might have eaten more if I was with somebody.I went back to my room feeling a bit tipsy.And I came to realize that travel is best shared with the one you love.I missed my wife.:(

This was part of the KL Blogger Challenge courtesy of Airphil Express and Tourism Malaysia.
Airphil Express now flies to Kulala Lumpur three times a week.


  1. whoa pineapple fried rice?? i wonder how that taste

  2. nice, normally seved yan sa pineapple bowl (kalahati ng pinya na may buhok tapos hinati sa gitna at tinaggal ang laman at saka inilagay yung rice).

    hehehe :D

  3. During our recent trip in Vietnam, the hubby ordered pineapple rice too. But his was served inside a carved pineapple! Bongga lang. Are those really almonds or cashew nuts?

  4. so pumunta ka ng KL just to eat sinangag? Ansusyal! LOL

  5. OMG--yeah---@Pinay Travel Junkie--they are cashew nuts not almonds.shayks.hahaha

  6. twice pa lng ako nakakain sa jalan alor. thought nung una may kamahalan pero ok din pla. nde q pa na try yang pineapple fried rice! Next tym! gs2ng gs2 ko ung part ng bukit bintang kasi nde ako nawawala. haha!! Tama, iba tlga pag may kasama ka na nag ttravel na may nakakausap pero minsan ok din ung solo. depende sa mood! Balik ka KL! nde tau nagkita eh! sama mo si wifey pag balik mo. :)


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