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STRAWBERRY TAHO from Baguio anyone?

Been to Baguio a thousand times (exaggerating),but I have never tried Strawberry Taho,worse, never heard of it.Shame.How come nobody mentioned this to me before?Or maybe because relatives and friends who stay in Baguio knew I don't eat taho?That was then,I do eat it,well,not that often but I do.It is healthy I know and I do try it at every opportunity, except when I feel that there is sanitary issues with the vendor :)

Tahô is a Philippine snack food made of fresh soft tofu, arnibal (brown sugar) and vanilla syrup, and pearl sago. This staple comfort food is a signature sweet and can be found all over the country. The Indonesian and Malaysian equivalent of this dish is Tahu. SOURCE:


strawberry taho_baguio

So what's so special about this?Same base but they use strawberry syrup instead of vanilla.Plain and simple.Well, for a change.And it tastes good,I mean,there are instances wherein we try hard to incorporate local taste to some popular food ayt?But it doesn't add up all the time.Strawberry taho is not one of these trying-hard-to-be-locally-unique food.And I love the red accent too!If for anything, at least in perception, color ---in same manner with smell-----do play a role in affecting our perception of a good taste.

How much?OMG.I think I forgot.I think I bought mine for 20 pesos in Mines View.Hope my memory served me right.hahaha.STRAWBERRY TAHO from Baguio anyone?

This will soon be part of my Baguio Series.Please look for it :)


  1. awww. nice naman. kahit aq nde ko alam na may ganyan pla! :) bet q e try yang taho na yan :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed your strawberry tahoooo....just come up to Baguio if you want more...

  3. wow mukang hansarap nyan ng laway ako promise want ko pa nmn ng strawberry

  4. love ko ang taho.. mukhang masarap yan.. penge.. :P

  5. Looks yummy! If I go to Baguio I will definitely try it:)

  6. di ko natry yan nung nag-baguio kami. Iniisip ko kasi sirain ang tyan ko, mahirap na magloko ang tummy

  7. mahal pero masarap naman, hehe


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