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BALER AURORA GUIDE: Where to Stay, What to See, Where to Eat.

I know it took a while to finish all the individual posts but I finally did it.I can finally work on a Summary Post.Here goes your BALER AURORA GUIDE.

Yeah, if you are looking for holiday deals, you might want to consider Baler for a change.It has become one of my favorite travel destinations in Luzon after our trip there last summer.The combination of surfing,nature and history attractions attracted me.I am sure you will find a reason to love it too...........

I created this post so as to give you a head start when planning a trip in the area.Here, I will be talking about the things we did, where we stayed, what we saw, what we ate  and stuff.

BALER AURORA GUIDE: where to stay, what to see, where to eat....
Went here in a group of six.We traveled during the Holy Week break---April20-22,2012.


April 20  

1am ETD Cubao
3am-ETA (Cabanatuan)
10am--ETA (Baler)
2pm---Sabang Beach (surfing)
8pm--dinner at Jerry Shan's Place (downtown)

April 21

8am---left Baler for day tour (Mother Falls,Millenium Tree and Baler Church)
3pm---back to accommodation
5pm--back to Sabang beach (surfing again)
8pm--dinner at Bay's Inn

April 22

9-12noon---walking tour of Baler Museum
12noon--lunch (rolling stores,near the museum)
2pm--central terminal
3pm-- ETD,central terminal
7pm--ETA (Cabanatuan)
8pm ---ETD-Cabanatuan
12midnight--ETA (Cubao)


THE COMMUTE (transportation)

I have put a lot of photos of the commute section coz even if the 6-hour ride could be a bit torturous, it is for me part of the joyride.The view is  not to be missed especially if you are already naviagating the mountains of the Sierra Madre.Key interest includes the Pagtabangan Dam in Nueva Ecija :)

We left Manila 2:10am via 5STAR BUS Cubao on Good Friday. It was the last trip we were told and we barely made it to Cubao. After 2 hours, we were already in Cabanatuan. 

That's where the challenge started. We took the tricycle to Cabanatuan Central Terminal where buses, jeepneys and vans to Baler are stationed. It's 4kilometers away from the intersection in downtown Cabanatuan (layo). It was still dark when we got to the central station and we were immediately told that there are no more buses and jeepneys to Baler as they are also on stop operation coz it's good Friday. The only option left is to hire a van for 3,500php. 
Each van has a capacity of 14pax, but there were only 6 of us so we waited for other passengers to come so that we can fill the vam It was a non-airconditioned van. We were originally told that the rate is 220php per pax but since there were only 12 of us, we paid 250php each.

Pantabangan Dam
 how to commute to Baler Aurora

Genesis Joybus
PS: Actual travel time usually takes 6hours on the average.In our case, it took us around 6-8 hours due to the cutting trip and the heavy flow of traffic back to Manila due to the holiday. If you can't afford to waste time on the road, I would suggest you plan your trip earlier and book for the JOYBUS line ahead of time.Will save you more time and effort.If you are the adventurous time and have time to spare, the cutting trip to via Cabanatuan will prove to be a fun component of the trip.

read the rest of the entry here:



Ocourse securing your accommodation is a major priority. Especially during summer months.Or else, you might end up in tents somewhere.In our case, we stayed in KL JAVES Homestay which is located downtown (10 minutes away from Sabang Beach)

KL JAVERS Homestay 

 We accidentally found KL JAVERS coz the accommodations along Sabang Beach were already fully booked during the holiday season.If you are going here during peak season and want to stay along Sabang,I would suggest you book at least a month ahead otherwise,finding a place would be a challenge.In our case, we ended in a homestay downtown ,thanks to a fellow travel blogger who told us about the place.Turns out that it was good experience good choice just the same.KL JAVERS is affordable but still comfortable.We were walking distance away from cultural/historic interests such as Baler Church, Aurora Heritage house,Museu de Baler as well as food destination Jerry Shan.Best of all, it's only a few meters away from the Central Terminal, so buying packed lunch and inquiring for bus schedule back to Manila came a lot easier.Unfortunately,we missed booking for the joybus during our arrival so we had a cutting trip again back to Manila via Cabanatuan :)

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Here is a sample of an accommodation along Sabang Beach (the surfing area) 
where most resorts and hotel are located.


 The major selling point about Baler Aurora is the diversity of its attractions.You can swim or do surfing at Sabang beach.Hike and swim at Mother Falls, marvel at the sight of the Millennium tree or appreciate history and culture at Baler Museum and Baler Catholic Church.What I like about it in general though is that traveling here involves the senses.That means, when you say waterfalls, you need to get down with it by not just hiking but getting wet and feeling the cold water.The surfing lessons require extra courage too.Overall, it is a good mix of diverse activities.There's something for everybody.

SABANG BEACH---surfing!!!!

 You cannot claim you have truly been  to Baler Aurora unless you tried surfing.I had to remind myself that.And so, despite the intimidating sound of the waves,I forced myself to try it.Sure I got hurt (a little) at first but it was a once in a lifetime experience.After all, not everybody get's the chance to surf.So once in Baler, be sure to bring an extra dose of courage and give surfing a try.You will regret if you don't.

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 Ditumabo Falls (Mother Falls)

This came as a revelation.Sure read about it before coming here but the actual experience exceeded my expectations. The bumpy tricycle ride to the set-off point, the clear,cold water on your feet (sometimes up to your hips)-----it's so clear you wanna drink it, the struggle to keep your footing amidst the river current, the balancing act on the rocks, the hugging of you companion(for assistance), the swimming at the waterfalls, or simply the walk through nature, It indulged my senses.I love it!

PS: the waterfalls is already outside Baler but is a convenient 45minutes-1hour away so be sure not to miss it.:)

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 mother falls-san luis aurora

 Millennium Tree 

Marvel at this centuries old tree and admire how Nature.Admire the longevity of life in this giant of trees.

PS: the Millennium Tree is already outside Baler but is a convenient 45minutes-1hour away so be sure not to miss it.:) 

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Baler Church

Baler Church was erected in 1611 by the Franciscans in Tibag which is known now as Sabang Baler Aurora.The church is dedicated to San Luis Obispo de Tolosa and is known as the site of the Siege of Baler which took place from 1898-1899 shortly following the end of the Spanish colonization of the Philippines.

It was transferred to the administration of the Rekoletos in 1658 and back to the Franciscan in 1703.It was destroyed by the tsunami of 1723 which devastated the whole downtown of Baler.A stone church was then constructed.In 1878, a 54-man Spanish garrison took refuge here to defend the Spanish enclave of Baler but the Filipino uprising overwhelmed them............

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Baler Church

Dona Aurora's Heritage House and Manuel L Quezon's Car

 This was the official car of the President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. The car was restored under the supervision of the Vintage Car Club of the Philippines.It took eighteen (18) months for the car to be completely restored by Mr. Dan Irish, a noted car collector.It has undergone another restoration work in 2009.

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 Museu de Baler or  BALER MUSEUM is relatively new so don't expect too much from it but the place will definitely evolve over time and will acquire more displays for sure.Despite saying that, the place still is a must see when traveling to Baler.What's inside? Porcelains from China,pots from shipwrecks, paintings, A section illustrating the history of the Ilongot etc............

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Bay's Inn?

So you noticed the question mark? :)The experience we had in Bay's Inn was not the most pleasurable experience but for all it's worth.I still say you should give it a try.The food is good and the ambiance near the sea is really the thing people look forward to despite knowing they have to wait for an hour for their food to be served.Just be sure you are not originally starving before going here. :)

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Bay's Inn Baler Aurora

Jerry Shan's Place 

 If you are looking for the BEST eat-all-you-can-buffet in Baler Aurora, Jerry Shan is the place to be.Very affordable, tasty plus less the struggle of waiting.I never thought my 150 pesos could go this far :)

 read the rest of the entry here: 

The Rolling Stores

This is where we ate lunch before leaving Baler.The usual karenderya style,taste and price but still a unique experience :)


You might wanna bring home this Suman (rice cake) from baler.It's different from all the suman that I tried. While most sumans are plain tasting,this one is sweet.That means they cook it with the sugar.It's nice coz you don't have to think of where to dip it,you can readily eat it anywhere


Our travel experience to Baler Aurora has been a memorable one.It was a little far from Manila and land transportation is the only option (unless you have a private jet) but it was worth it.

I hope this postcould be of big help.Cheers to more travels!!!!!

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  1. Bookmark: Done! baller looks nice! Next yr na tlga. puntahan q na yan. :) the falls looks inviting Hantonn!!!

  2. Alam mo your blog posts about Baler is one of my most awaited! Haha! Went to Baler this weekend and went to the places na binlog mo. Hahaha! Thanks for the Baler posts. The best ang karinderya sa Baler, ang dami ng kanin. Di ko maubos... Hahaha!

  3. Google? Hello, is that you? hehe.. complete details eh. Everything else, you can find it here when it comes to searching about Baler! Looks you enjoyed the whole trip!

  4. compilation ng baler post! nice. magbabaler ulit sana me ng july kaso sagasa sa ibang sked ko. :(

  5. huwaaaaaaaaaaw sarap buhay ganda nmn tlga dyan ooh kaiingit haha

  6. Very informative and full of details. Good reference for future trip to Baler.

  7. Very informative and full of details. Good reference for future trip to Baler.

  8. It's a nice and beautiful place to visit, to enjoy diifferent activities and relax...eperience breathtaking views..I'd like to go back there :)

  9. I'd like to go back in there..,nice place for relaxation, fun and enjoy the beautiful sceneries ^_^

  10. Hi! Do you have any contact number of the place where you stayed? My cousins and I are planning to travel there next month. Please please please reply. Your answer is a big help. Thank you! :)

  11. Hi Paola, try this ----- KL JAVERS Homestay
    Gloria Street Baler
    Contact Kuya Vincent -0908.341.8527

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