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voting starts as TATTAWARDS2012 Finalists reveled

Have you made your nominations
.Hope you did. 
Coz the TATTAWARDS2012 Finalists 
was already revealed last June 13 
at the 7th High, Bonifacio Global City. 
And voting officially starts!!!!

Be sure not to wait any longer coz you only have until June 20 to vote for your bets!!!!
 TATTAWARDS2012 Finalists 

It's time once again to give props to the most creative peeps in the social media scene! The Tatt Awards gives much respect to the country's best, brightest, and awesomest web personalities that rock the social media landscape.Ten awards are up for grab!!


1. Camille Co
2. Laureen Uy
3. Divine Lee
4. Robbie Becroft
5. Chuvaness

The Video Slinger

1. Ate Vangie
2. Bogart the Explorer
3. Gerry Alanguilan (Komikero)
4. Becky Nights
5. Jamich
 The Advocate

2. Philippine Beaches
3. Save Philippine Seas
4. Save CDO Now!
5. Arriane Serafico

The Explorer

1. Bogart the Explorer
2. Enrico Dee
3. Gideon Lasco
4. Anton Diaz
5. James Betia
The Indie Rocker

1. AJ Rafael
2. Typecast
3. Gloc-9
4. Techy Romantics
5. Salamin

The One

1. Fliptop Battles
2. Bianca Gonzalez
3. Lea Salonga
4. Anton Diaz
5. Gerry Alanguilan
The Tech Junkie

1. Abe Olandres
2. Jason De Villa
3. Calvin Lo
4. Carlo Ople
5. John Arce


1. Kimpoy Feliciano
2. Bianca Gonzalez
3. Julie Ann San Jose
4. Sinugbang Sugbo
5. Superstar Marian

The Visualizer

1. Nina Sandejas
2. Mark Go
3. Everywhere We Shoot
4. Cholo Dela Vega
5. Estan Cabigas

The Game Changer

1. Philippine Dragon Boat
2. Chappy Callanta
3. Noelle De Guzman
4. Jinoe Gavan
5. Michael Eijansantos

 I know a few of the Finalists and I am already having a difficult time deciding who to vote.Perhaps I will give one vote for each of them and let others do the rest.hahaha.

VOTE for your favorite here: .NOW!!!!!

PS: All the photos were taken during the announcement night by our latest corresspondent  Jeremiah Delarea.Cheers!!!!


  1. Stylisimo -Laureen Uy(sya lng kilala ko haha)
    The Video Slinger -Jamich (fav pampakilig ko haha)
    The Advocate -PAWS (love ko animals ee)
    The Explorer- wa ko kilala haha
    The Indie Rocker - god an hirap gloc or aj haha
    The One-Lea Salonga nman di ako fan lng fliptop pick up pa pde haha
    The Tech Junkie again wa ko kilala
    #Thought-Mover-Julie Ann San Jose i juts love her
    The Visualizer- mwa nanaman ako kilala haha
    The Game Changer -philippine Dragon Boat

    aun haha


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