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my first encounter with PINIKPIKAN at Tam-Awan Cafe

I recall a conversation with a fellow travel bloggers a few months back while on an out-of-town trip.We got to talk about some odd food and Pinikpikan eventually came into discussion.He mentioned his resolve not to eat the dish again as a protest to the way it's being prepared.

During the tour sponsored by Cordillera Bloggers after the successful staging of the 1st Baguio Blog Conference, we were brought to Tam-Awan Village.We were supposed to hop to Bencab Museum which is just nearby but we were running  late so we decided to spend more time in Tam-Awan Cafe instead.That's where I had my first encounter with this famous dish---pinikpikan.
 PINIKPIKAN at Tam-Awan Cafe

 Tam-Awan Cafe is one with a cozy appeal.It's like a small museum where food is served.It's accented with paintings,traditional instruments and other art forms.Taking photos is prohibited inside,at least I was told by my companions when we entered the village but it completely slipped out of my mind.I was carried away and I was reprimanded by the attendants after I have already snapped a couple.This is how it looks inside.


We ordered a couple of things.Actually, my companions did.And I didn't know Pinikpikan was one of the things picked.While waiting for our food to be served,I saw this couple who were eating a large burger---turns out its TAM –AWAN BURGER --hick burger patti topped with melted cheese served with onions and tomatoes.I didn't taste it of course,I just requested to take a photo of it for you to see :)
Back to the main menu, PINIKPIKAN.So what's with the account of my travel blogger buddy? The way in which the dish is being prepared is the issue.


Pikpik in local dialect means light beating.That said, the chicken is being killed not by sudden death (cutting of the throat) but rather in a slow and painful way. It is litterally being beaten to death.Think of paddling during hazing and you get what i mean. (So there is a killing-me-softly component to it) The trick is to make the chicken's blood clot before it is cooked.That gives it a distinct flavor.Other than that, instead of plucking the feathers out of the chicken,they are being burned.These days, they use blue torch to make it easier.Yes, after the inhumane (or shall I say inanimal---if there is such word :)----way of killing the Chicken. If you are an animal activists or simply somebody who puts into heart what your mom said about not playing with your food---then this might be a bit off.I know where my fellow blogger was coming from.Especially because he saw the entire process himself.


Did I try it?Curiousity got the best of me.To be honest though, I was having this internal struggle at every bite.Every time I taste it and recognize the smoked taste,I remembered the account at it was told.I imagined the chicken being beaten and torched.Hahahaha.tell me I am weird coz I am.

But undoubtedly,it's delicious.Maybe tasty would be the better term.At some point I thought it tasted like tinola.But my companions said otherwise.I guess all the imagining also shrouded my sense of taste.lols

 By the way, we also ordered BENGUET BLEND BREWED COFFEE for P 30.00.That comes with 2 refills.Pwede na! And the sugar is brown sugar which i think is prepared in the cafe---in contrast to the commercial sugar---- I didn't know brown sugar tastes good on brewed coffee.:)
And DAYAP ICED TEA too!----Fresh lime - infused brewed mountain tea for P 55.00.Refreshing!!!:)
Manila Bloggers with Cordillera Bloggers

Now this is special.I have tried four (4) new food/drinks in Baguio in this last trip. The 1. Strawberry taho --- 2.Benguet Coffee, 3. Dayap Iced tea and of course the famous 4.Pinikpikan ftw!!!

I sooooo love this trip! Thanks Cordillera Bloggers for the treat!!!
More on Baguio coming up!!!!!!


  1. parang tnola lnng ung itsura nung pinikpikan ee hahaha di ko pa natry

  2. di ko pa natitikman ang pinikpikan.. parang tinola sa pektyur.. :P

  3. ayan pala ang pinikpikan, saw it in a docu kung pano ginagawa. wawa ang manok hehe. yung dayap iced tea e mukhang refreshing nga!

  4. I can imagine the taste but I can't imagine myself having a bowl of Pinikpikan. Yes, inanimal indeed! if we can't describe is as inhuman. I already watched how it is being prepared in a few travel shows.. "Chicken Run" could be the best escape for these pityful birds.

  5. Nde pa ako nakatikim nyan!! mukhang masarap!

  6. yung bat coffee ang masarap sa baguio :D

  7. ang ganda ng mga pics anyway..di ko pa natikman yan pero parang ayoko ring tikman kawawa yung manok eh

  8. i enjoyed reading your entries, yoko din tikman, kawawa naman yung chicken :(,strawberry taho na lang hehe


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