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what's inside (Museu de Baler) BALER MUSEUM

Napapadalas ata ako sa mga museum lately......

It's true, if you want a crash course on the history of a place given the limited time we usually have during our travels, be sure to peek inside museums whenever a city or town has one.That's what we did in Baler before traveling back to Manila.The museum is situated downtown, a walking distance from the Catholic Church and the ancestral house of Aurora Quezon.It's a pretty small museum established via the initiative of Senator Edgardo Angara.

Here's what's inside Museu de Baler or Baler Museum......

what's inside (Museu de Baler)  BALER MUSEUM

Earthen jars recovered from shipwrecks.................
Old porcelains from China..........
more jars...........
old bells.........
A Filipino soldiers uniform..........
skeletal remains....scary.
A section illustrating the history of the Ilongot..........

then there's the 2nd floor, with paintings..............

and more paintings.............

If the ground floor is pretty packed with displays, you would find that the 2nd floor is half empty.There is this portion, say, 45% of the entire floor area dedicated to the paintings of students all over Baler so it gave me the feeling that they just put them there so as to fill the space.
Museu de Baler or  BALER MUSEUM is relatively new so don't expect too much from it but the place will definitely evolve over time and will acquire more displays for sure.Despite saying that, the place still is a must see when traveling to Baler.

It's non-airconditioned (at least during our visit) so it could get really hot inside especially during summer.They don't charge any entrance fee but feel free to donate any amount that would help to maintain the place.

me and my friends in front of Museu de Baler

BTW: You might wanna check the famous Rolling Stores of Baler.
The Rolling Stores of Baler

They are just beside the Museum.I got curious when I heard about the name. Rolling? They must be mobile I thought.I imagined a group of mobile night stores selling street food and stuff.I was surprised therefore to find out that they actually pertain to a a few Karenderias concentrated in a small spot.And karenderia would be the appropriate, you can eat home cooked food for a minimal price.Turns out that they call it rolling stores because it serves like a drive through for surfers and tourists who drop by for a quick lunch or meryenda.:)

I guess that rounds up all the articles I have for Baler and Aurora, I could finally make a summary post soon.Cheers to more travels!!!



  1. ang mahal ng jar na iyon kung ibebenta......antique talaga...

  2. that skeleton there was kinda creepy love those artifacts i wonder how much it cost hahaha

  3. Hi, Anton! Great captures, as always! You might also want to visit Museo De La Salle in De La Salle University-Dasmariñas. You will find details of the museum at this link:


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