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tree hugging: the “MILLENNIUM TREE” at Balete Park Aurora

I was talking to my student this morning who just came back to Korea from a 1-week vacation in Hawaii.Of course we discussed about the places they visited in Hawaii and he mentioned that the Giant Tree in the movie Avatar( James Cameron) could actually be found in Hawaii? How true? I wasn't able to press him with the questions due to limited time so I will ask more about it tomorrow.Even google couldn't help me.I donno what keywords to type to start with.I guess my curiosity will have to wait another day.

And that conversation reminded of the Balete (banyan) Tree, the GIANT BALETE TREE, which we saw in Aurora last time.They officially call it “Millennium Tree” as I heard it's around 600 years old.

The “Millennium Tree” at Balete Park in Aurora

According to the website Wondermondo ,60 - 65 m tall and some 60 adult people are needed to get their arms around.The tree is located in a private property but no entrance fees are collected.Around it is a corn farm and a few trees which are dwarfed by the massive Balete.

According to Yahoo, "the owner initially wanted to cut the tree due to superstitious beliefs.
When the family was about to cut it, a member of the family got sick as well as the driver of the bulldozer which was supposed to take down the tree. Since then, they just let the tree grow. The tree was later christened Millennium Tree."  --SOURCE


My apologies if I have been quoting websites for the information coz when you visit the park, there was nothing really except for the Giant Tree, the Police rangers stationed in front of it and the Buko vendor who's presence meant happiness to us.

Maybe we should have asked people around.Instead, we unpacked our lunch which we bought in the market in Central Terminal and ate---with buco juice on the side.happiness.:)

Nothing.Except for the giant tree.Well, it was a relief because after the tiring hike to the waterfalls ad the 30minute tricycle ride from San Luis to Maria Aurora, the massive shade of the tree served as our refuge from the scorching summer heat.

At me dramang naganap bago umalis.Tila sinapian ata ang aking mga kasa.They started fighting over buco.hehe joke lang.Happy ending parin :)
So as you have an idea as to how big it is in reference to the trees around it, here it the shot taken a few meters away from the tree......


I mean, how did we get to the place (in contrast to getting on top of the tree.hehe) Well, we rented a tricycle for 500 pesos and this was our next stop after the waterfalls ----Ditumabo Falls aka MOTHER FALLS in San Luis Aurora.

The “Millennium Tree” at Balete Park is located in Brgy. Quirino in the town of Maria Aurora in Aurora.

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  1. may nbasa na rin me tungkol dito at ayun sakin nbasa pag gbe marming alitaptap na lumiligid d2..
    parang ginamit na rin eto sa isang pelikula di ko lng alm ang title.

  2. katakot isipin na baka pugad yan ng kababalaghan pero ang ganda siguro magpapic dyan :D

  3. Uy, nung nagrent kayo ng tricycle on the spot ba or you contacted someone na talaga?

  4. I am amazed and proud that the Philippines has such an old and elegant and beautiful tree. Thank you so much for the photos and information. How I wish I could go to Aurora to see it. At least, your blog let me know that this wonderful tree exists:)

  5. wuwaaaw PUNOOOO dang laki ee katakot ang balete lalo't gnyan kalaki jushkopow

  6. Hi Gellie----don an anamin mismo kinontak yung tricycle driver---tas tawaran portion.hehe

  7. wow, ang laki pala talaga nitong higanteng balete tree. Dahil sa mga shapes ng ugat nito at itsura ng sanga at dahon pinaniniwalaan nga syang me mga nakatirang engkanto pero sa totoo lang wala naman at maganda syang shade sa ilalim ng araw.


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