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Cendol and Chicken Rice Ball at RESTORAN FAMOSA Melaka

My Kuala Lumpur Series was cut short due to some priority local posts.Now that they are already taken care of,I can continue flooding you guys with anything KL related,and there are still quite a few.haha This one is the aftershock of my sidetrip to Melaka during the course of the #AirphilKualaLumpur Challenge.

I walked across Melaka for a few hours and entertained as I was,I forgot the I haven't eaten lunch yet until around 4pm.After buying pasalubong near the Dutch Square,I tried to find my way to Chinatown which is not difficult to find coz it's adjacent to the Red Square just across the river. I was not sure exactly if it was Chinatown at first.I saw a dragon lantern so I guessed I was in Chinatown (Chinatown or Little India kasi,same building structures parin all troughout and makikita mo.)
chicken_rice ball
 Cendol and Chicken rice ball at RESTORAN FAMOSA Melaka

You just have to pay attention to the goods sold and the accents outside. I was tweeting the night before for some food suggestioins in Melaka so that the embarrassing experience in Jalan Alor would not be repeated and I remember some of my followers suggesting "cendol". Cendol it is!That was the first thing I looked for not knowing that it's a local version of halo-halo.It was in front of RESTORAN FAMOSA Melaka where I saw a girl  preparing cendol.

Nyonya Cendol finally!! ---RM.3.50

 I was not aware that time that the restaurant is quite famous in Chinatown Melaka.All I know is pagpasok mo ng Chinatown,andun na sya.:) So I had to order other things other than cendol.I am lactose intolerant so eating cendol first might mean trouble to my solo trip.I picked Chicken Rice Ball and tufo soup plus fresh buko juice (with the whole fruit) from Thailand.
tofu soup --- RM.7
fresh Thai coconut. RM-4.80
I was surprised at how cheap food is in Malaysia.Almost the same price in Manila,actually mostly cheaper.I guess food this quality would cost more in the Philippines.Restaurants here are over rated sometimes you know.

 Chicken Rice Ball for only RM.5


BTW:RESTORAN FAMOSA is  beautifully interiored.I felt like I was in China when I went inside for the restroom.And I kept taking photos but nobody bothered.Nice.

Yeah,the food was good.The chicken rice ball is not something that I'm so used to especially the tofu soup but you get used to it after a few bites.Yung tofu sa tufo soup is one of the finest tofu I tried.:)

I have a sweet tooth so the Cendol was indeed a delight.I donno if it is unfair to compare it to halo-halo but just so you have a reference.Halo-Halo has more ingredients but that doesn't mean the nyonya cendol doesn't equal our favorite dessert in the Philippines.I like the Cendol is a drink made out of shaved ice,coconut, and pandan.I haven't tried cendol from other places except this one in Melaka but I heard that Melaka'n cendol is kinda different because it always comes with Gula Melaka, which is palm sugar.That makes it taste special. I love palm sugar.:)

total bill---RM.20.30

And the buko juice was a delight.I saw the label (as the plastic wrapping was still in tact and I notice that it's an export of Thailand.I thought why the #1 coconut exporter that we are don't have these stuff?

Believe it or not,the Cendol,the Chicken rice ball,the tofu soup and the buko juice only cost RM20.That's only 280.00 in Php peso.Good deal!

This is part of the KL Bloggers Challenge courtesy of Airphil Express and Tourism Malaysia.
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  1. Im going to melaka this hari raya... Considering restoran famosa!!! Thanks hanton!!!

  2. 'Loved the interiors of the resto it evokes a very Chinese themed and good ambiance to eat.

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