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best for corporate events +awesome infinity pool lake view at PUNTA de FABIAN in Baras Rizal

I remember taking my motorbike for a test drive last year going deeper in the Province of Rizal instead of the usual inclination to heed towards the direction of Metro Manila.After Binangonan is Cardona,then Morong,then Baras and ultimately,Tanay ---where you can hop to neighboring Laguna.I remember passing  a highway cutting into Baras without passing through the town proper thereby saving on travel time if you are heeded towards Tanay.I remember noticing a signboard of a resort which looked appealing.At that time,I thought it looks good but why in this place?

I have always though of this area of Rizal as remote,meaning,underdeveloped and difficult to access.That was a year ago when my views about isolation is more on the negative context.Now,isolation to me means relaxation and peace of mind.That's what resorts like PUNTA de FABIAN in Baras Rizal is for.
Punta de Fabian_baras rizal
awesome infinity pool lake view at PUNTA de FABIAN in Baras Rizal

So this indeed came as one of the latest surprise discovery.I was thrilled when I found out that there is another resort nearby which offers an infinity pool view of Laguna de Bay similar to Thunderbird Resort at half the price.

I was really surprised that you could get this much for such value.Their rooms are spacious so you don't get the “crowded feeling”.Each has balconies too. I looove balconies and fresh air. They have a lot of amenities.Other than the two (2) pools, they have a basketball court, billiards and a few conference rooms for group meetings/activites.There’s even a play area for kids. And videoke too!I haven’t checked if they do offer massage services.Yeah,why did I forget that?


I looove the Big glass windows plus the garden view when the blinds are opened
The room feels bigger

It's situated on a hillside in Baras Rizal so that means a certain level of seclusion which is perfect of a weekend getaway.Me and my wife love lazy vacations these days so we really fell in love with the place.My body was on “vacation mode” the moment we checked in.

You know that relaxed feeling where you are ready to forget everything? We were in a secluded yet secure place.Good view from our room window.Greens and the lake from afar. My poor narration is insufficient to describe the place so I included a lot of pictures in this review for you to get a better idea of what I am saying.


I like the location.It's a comfortable 1.5-hour drive from Manila and 30minutes from my house in Binangonan.(Yeah,it was another misconception,me shortcut naman pala via Morong then Antipolo then Manila na).We had to go to Shangrila-Mall the next day to join our movie buddy in watching the Avengers and it took us one hour thirty minutes to get there.Not bad.




Punta de Fabian is famous for corporate events.There were a couple of groups checked in during our stay.I noticed they had team building activities and stuff but I didn't get the feeling of my sense of "quiet sanctuary" being violated.I guess it's because the resort has a lot of trees and open spaces that even if there’s a lot of action going around,you can still keep your quiet little space in it.

one of the conference rooms
billiards anyone?


There was a thunderstorm the night during our stay (as expected,it's rainy season in the Philippines ya know.) And we were eating dinner at the open area of the restaurant when it started pouring.It was a welcome thing to me,the cool weather in the area that night became even colder.I thought it was romantic hearing the raindrops in this hilly,isolated setting.Plus,I get cuddly when it rains so I anticipated a very good night sleep.

The rain stopped a few minutes we finished eating.We stayed at the restaurant for a while and chatted as we always do (my wife and I never run on topics to talk about).Instead of going to bed, we decided to go for a swim when we felt that the food already settled in our stomach.I love swimming while it is raining (wag lang pag me thunderstorm ha).We braved the cold water in the pool.I was shaking for the first few minutes but managed to take it somehow.I went back to the restaurant to order two bottles of beer and I was back and forth the pool and the poolside table for a sip.It was another memorable night.



There are many rooms to choose from.And they are all group friendly coz they are really spacious.Pwedeng mag-cartwheel ng three times sa loob :)


I actually felt a bit envious seeing those young people having games and team building activities. They reminded me of my youth.OMG.Do I feel old?No.Or maybe I just miss being employed (I work from home).You know,company outings? I guess what I am saying is,I would love to go back and bring my barkada here so that we could also have our fun in Punta de Fabian.
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Overall,the experience at Punta de Fabian was something unexpectedly good.And that's the best part there.It's not that I set my expectations low,I simply didn't expect to find this good of a place in Baras.Life is full of surprises indeed.And there was something about the place.As I said,my wife and I both switched into vacation mode the moment we got there.Yung talagang relax lang and you don't care if the world will end tomorrow kinda stuff.Seriously. Few places has ever done that to me.:)

PS: they are usually packed during weekends so be sure to make reservations early.That said,they don’t usually accept walk in guests so you still have to call their Manila office for reservations.

Punta de Fabian Resort
Manila East Road, Barangay Evangelista, Baras, Rizal, Philippines
+63 (2) 994-9560 /+63 (2) 994-9546


  1. ganda ngpool lakas maka don haha hansarap nung fuds

  2. Very inspirational. Good to see they have most of the facilities that a typical corporate event needs. Wow, pool, lighting, views, they are maintaining healthy standards. Cool!

  3. Born in BAras Rizal and proud of this beautiful place :)

  4. nice place, prudly to say I was born there at Baras Rizal, Don't you visit the Church a 400 year old church :)

  5. Nasa magkano rates??


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