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Diamond Peel at DIANA STALDER Edsa Central Mall

"I think we should do this more often.remarks my wife, I think I should alot a particular amount of my monthly pay on my skin care, obvious na ang mga signs of ageing" I nodded and nodded and nodded.It's true.Especially with a series of travels in the last few months, increased exposure to the sun, stress at work, plus the slowdown in regeneration process normal to ageing, kailangan talaga.

This realization came as a result of our facial treatment--- at Diana Stalder  Face and Body Clinic at Edsa Central Mall in Mandaluyong.
 Diamond peel at DIANA STALDER Edsa Central Mall

Personal Assessment of Qualified Therapists

What's good about Diana Stader Clinics is that the therapists would give their assessment of you skin conditions and suggest the treatment that best suit you.Since I have a lot of black pimple marks,my therapist suggested that I avial of Diamond Peel to erase the dark spots and even discoloration in my face.I also thought I needed one. My wife also availed of the same treatment.

Meticulous Process

Unlike other skin clinics, treatments at Diana Stalder starts with a  thorough cleaning of the face. In other clinics,they ask you to wash your face with soap and water.Here, the cleaning doesn't require washing your face.They do everything for you trough an intricate system of application of different chemicals.(not water).Washing with soap and water could get a little messy plus given the busy schedule that we have these days,lagi kang pagod,and washing makes you feel somewhat violated thinking that you are washing your face in that state. Here,the cleaning process itself is where the treatment starts.

The therapists also use rubber gloves to ensure that the process is clean. Though it kinda feels strange smelling the rubber glove, you get used to it after a few minutes.At least alam mong malinis :)
YEAH, I had mine too :)
I know I look unflattering in that Black Mask but I have to include it.I have to say,it's one of the things I look forward to in every treatment i had with Diana Stalder.The most refreshing mask ever!!Ang bango,ang lamig sa mukha and the effect lasts even a few days after the treatment.Alam mong me glow sa balat mo.I donno the exact benefits but I know it works. :)


This is also one of the major distinctions at Diana Stalder Clinics.The rooms are good for two people.Sounds like a couples room to me.That's good because other people value privacy when having their treatments.The goes with me too.Certainly,Filipinos are still a little conservative when it comes to skin treatment.I remember years ago,I had serious problem with acne but it took a lot of personal motivation to finally face and problem and consult a dermatologist.It's not so much about the price,500pesos or so is a small price to pay for a fair and beautiful skin/face.It's more about the hiya factor.

Diana Stalder would be a good start then if you you still have that hesitation to be seen in a skin clinic. You don't have to be in a room side by side many people, here,rooms are only for two.That said, you also know that it's quieter and  peaceful.You can relax while having treatments :0



Another misconception I guess is that Diana Stalder services are expensive.Actually not.They are at par with the industry rate.Actually, 1,000php for a single Diamond Peel session is reasonable.

Look for PROMOS of Diana Stalder.They usually have one every month. For July, they have WARTS ALL YOU CAN PROMO for only 74.9php.Be sure to check their Facebook page for details and updates on these monthly promos.


Greenfield District Pavilon,
Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong City
Tel. Nos. 638-8417/ 631- 4941 / 0923-7303768

CMDL Bldg. Circumferential Road Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City
Tel. Nos. 695-1286/ 0932-465516

CUBAO Ground Flr. RC-8 Rustans Superstore Bldg. Araneta Center, Cubao Q.C.
Tel. Nos. 421-9207/ 0922-8226650

Rm. 710 7th Flr. National Life Insurance Bldg. Ayala Ave., Makati City
Tel. Nos: 892-5659/0923-7303655 
Diana Stalder Branches Complete list  HERE:

need to have that glow again :)

And since my wife already said that we should do this at least once a month and include it in our budget,i think I will be going back to Diana Stalder Edsa GREENFIELD DISTRICT Pavilion more often. I hope they open a branch closer to Binangonan Rizal soon!!!

Thanks Diana Stalder for the treat!!!!



  1. parelax relax pa spa spa pa facial facial ganyan na ba ang mga pusang kalye naun? haha nice

  2. kw kc pagmu uka mo palang halatang wala ng pambayad! muka kang tae!


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