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Resort-inside-a-resort-feel at AUM SPA Mactan + the best deep tissue massage ever!

Been to so many spa and massage shops this past few months.I have been dying to write about each unique experience but haven't done so. This decision therefore to write about AUM SPA sets the bar high for my future Spa/Massage reviews. But it can't be helped.The deep tissue massage we had at Aum Spa in Crimson Resort Mactan is the final installment to my Cebu2012 Series and it was one of my best Spa experience to date.

Let's talk about the Spa facilities first.Aum Spa is like a resort within a resort.An obvious advantage to the sprawling resort setting of Crimson Maktan.It is consistent with the general Asian-inspired architecture and ambiance of the resort.

Resort-inside-a-resort-feel at AUM SPA Mactan

AUM SPA has one of the best designed sauna,/shower/locker room facility I have seen thus far.It's clean,spacious and intimately lit. The use of the Sauna Facility is part of any spa package.

In our case,we came an hour before closing time so we had to decide whether to use the Sauna before the massage or go straight to the therapy.Deep tissue massage lasts for 1.5 hours.Should we have opted for the Sauna first,the time we spend for it will have to be deducted to our massage time so we decided to skip it instead.Good thing we already showered in our room before going here.

the waiting area

That's one of my regrets coz other than the Sauna section,there is an outdoor swimming pool where one can lazy around and relax.Crimson resort in itself is peaceful but being at Aum Spa's pool area is like staying inside another layer of sanctuary.A sanctuary inside a sanctuary.A oasis inside an oasis. The outdoor huts are a thing of beauty.

Imagine being here at night.Bliss!
resort inside a resort feel 

Inside each huts are massage beds,a shower,a bathtub.All in a garden setting.It's open air,meaning,non-air conditioned.These huts are popular among foreigners.Filipinos of course prefer indoor----the air conditioned rooms.

We stayed in a couples room,accented with all the intimate,classy appeal and a garden extension where the shower and bathtub are located.So me garden setting feel parin :).The treatment started with a short Foot Spa where the foot is washed with warm water,scrubbed with salt and massaged gently the Aum Spa way.

I was surprised at how my male masseur started the massage treatment.He tounched my back gently and I felt some sort of electricity flowing trough his fingers.I asked afterwards what he did.If he used any mechanical device to come up with such effect.He said he directed his energy towards my body."Energy",that's what he called it.I was amazed.I never experienced this before and thinking about it afterwards,I know it requires a certain level of training and experience.

This is when the masseur establishes a connection with the body of his/her client,a connection that is important in understanding what the client's body needs.

 we stayed in a couple's room

The succeeding therapy was amazing!Perhaps because I haven't had my massage for more than a month prior to this one that simple strokes made me feel relieved? Nah,I have an extensive experience that the fragility of my muscles doesn't always result in a successful therapy.It's about hitting the right pressure points for me.

I am so used to hard massage and all the bone cracking which goes with it.I love it when I get hurt with bold strokes.The standard of a good massage for me is one where I get hurt.hahaha.That's when I know that my nodules are targeted.To achieve that,the masseur has to go hard and deep especially at my upper back.
The one I had at Aum Spa was of a whole different level though.What I had we're complicated strokes---a combination of fast gentle approach and strong,slow motions.

If I would relate it to a song,the therapy was that to a Celine Dione medley with lots of gentle melodies coupled by powerful notes and not shouting all throughout.The best deep tissue I had in months!

Best of all,all the pressure points and nodules that I want hit were hit spot on! I felt so relieved and left Aum Spa with a grin on my face.We went back to our Villa accommodation and had a restful sleep.

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AUM SPA at Crimson Resort Mactan is a SPA PARADISE indeed.Thanks Aum Spa for the treat!
You can check their Spa Packages and rates on the link below.


  1. looks serene. must be pretty relaxing to try their spa. :)

  2. Wow!!! I would like try this too.

  3. hongondo parang sobra kang marerelax dyan

  4. wow. super relaxing ng facilities nila. super wow talaga. love it.


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