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feels like CEBU 2009 all over again

I am reposting this so as to organize my entries.My Cebu Series was cut short of the live blogging challenge in KL so I am putting it back.Will continue on my Malaysia blog after Cebu, and davao is waiting pa.Shayks.If I can only post all of em at the same time.excited :)

We rarely go back to far places we visit.Given the limited financial resources, the rule is to try a new place first as much as possible.Yeah, as much as possible.But it's too difficult to resist sometimes.Boracay was the first exemption.And now there is an addition----Cebu!!!!!

The first time we set foot in this beautiful city was in 2009.Check my entries here. The first encounter was a pleasant one.Teresa and I were still dating during that time.I remember going to the main tourist spots downtown, Nuestra Sto.Nino, Magellan's Cross, Cebu Cathedral, Capitol Building, Fort San Pedro and Ayala Mall of course.The usual touristy places if you will.......

 Cebu City +Mactan Island =Happiness!!!! :)

Actually, our main destination was Davao.We just decided to hop over Cebu and stay for 30 hours and try to experience something new there.The main event would be to experience a resort in MACTAN ISLAND which we missed last 2009 as we stayed downtown Cebu City the entire duration of the visit.Crimson Hotel and Resort Mactan was waiting for us. But since check in is at 2pm and we landed in Cebu at 6am, we still had time to wander and attend to a few business.

We took the cab to Magellan's Cross near Basilica Minore del Santo Nino, the same spot where we first stepped in 2009.

After saying our prayer and hearing a portion of the mass (in Cebuano), we decided to eat breakfast in the same place 3years ago----Jollibee,which is just across the street from the church. Amazingly, the same branch looks exactly as it was  3years ago.Or is it just me being nostalgic of the place?I remember the staff who attended to me back them.She asked for my order in Cebuano, I answered in Tagalog and she replied again in Cebuano.I don't really understand the language but I pretended I did.Weird.That didn't happen this time around.


If you come to think of the rapid urbanization going around us,it's a welcome thing to see certain things unchanged,like this particular area downtown Cebu City where time seems to freeze like the memories of years ago.What changed is that we are now a few years older and the energy level is on the decline.After eating breakfast in Jollibee, we both felt tired and sleepy.

Still on the to-do-list.
1.The courtesy call with Hotel Elizabeth Cebu
2.The courtesy call with the center Suites
3.The meet up with Cebu Bloggers at Ayala center

The challenge is how to stay awake until 2 or 3 pm.On desperado mode,I googled for a cheap place where we can nap for at least 2hours before the Hotel Elizabeth appointment at 10am.
I scheduled for a courtesy visit at Hotel Elizabeth Cebu as I wanted to feature it here in my blog.I also would like to see for myself how it differs from their boutique hotel in Baguio which I have also featured here a few months ago tru my PEEK INSIDE HOTEL SERIES.

Also wanter to feature an accommodation for backpackers and budget travelers.Heard that a fellow blogger's family has a newly opened Inn so i thought of dropping by to take phots.EvanJohnn actually picked us up at Hotel Elizabeth in time for finishing our Bento Bento luch there.We then went to Ayala Center to meet other Cebu bloggers.......
with fellow blogger EvanJohnn at their family accommodation business


Ayala Center is as lovely as ever.The entry of the monsoon season means more rain and greener gardens.Nostalgic again.It was nighttime when we first visited here so my wife couldn't help but remark that it's more romantic at night.hahaha.

We waited in one of the cafe's for the other Cebu bloggers to show up.To no avail.They didn't show up.Since it was past 2pm,we decided to go around for a few minutes then took the cab to Macatan Island to check in to our hotel.Turns out that the wall shout of EvanJohnn calling for a meetup was stamped with a different date.23rd instead of 16th.Shayks. Okay lang.There will be a lot of next time.I might be back on October for the Cebu Blog Camp Supreme! :)


 the bridge to happiness :)


From Ayala Center, we took the Cab to  CRIMSON  RESORT and SPA Mactan.The taxi meter registered 250 pesos.Quite reasonable given the distance of the resort from downtown Cebu City.This was theMain Event.The reason why I wanted to drop by Cebu is to experience a Luxury Accommodation in Mactan and Crimson Resort and Spa was a perfect fit.I will be writing about our stay in Crimson in detail soon.

And this would be the start of my #CEBU2012Series.Cebu City +Mactan Island =Happiness!!!! :)



  1. mag-ilo-ilo ka naman minsan. visit my province hehehe. but of course, will wait for your cebu series

  2. Let me see, 2009, budding lawyer pa lang ako noon, 3 years after parang budding lawyer pa rin naman haha. pero u are ryt, i rarely go back to the same place unless talagang there is something new to explore or may babalikan :)

  3. is it dejavu our you posted it before i fell like i saw the exact pictures before ska ito ung pictures na kala ko ee kaw ung babae

  4. I've always wanted to come there in Cebu. Such a nice and beautiful place to visit. :)

  5. This is the place na hindi ako magdadalawang isip balik blikan :)

  6. Nice!! I miss Cebu and my cebuana/nos friends! :) tsaka ung baby back ribs, lechon... whoa! so kamusta naman ang cebuanong mass? :D


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