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POWER OF ONE to move millions: Globe

Have you seen the latest commercial by Globe Telecom?I know right!I am thrilled!I am a Globe subscriber myself and I have to admit I felt a bit irritated when my mobile data browsing speed was affected by the system upgrade.Good thing I am a blackberry user and I was able to tweak my smartphone in such a way that I could opt for a 2G signal without affecting my data browsing.Thanks bb for pushing it!

But now, all the waiting is about to end as Globe fast tracking its modernization and with it is a new TVC which is moving millions!!!!

ONE leads MANY to soar to new heights.
ONE excites THOUSANDS with a new rhythm.
ONE lights up MILLIONS with new surprises.
ONE person is all it takes to turn the tide and MAKE HISTORY!
We choose to look beyond millions, to see the ONE who moves MILLIONS--YOU.
Empowering YOU, YOUR WAY!

Globe - Power of One to Move Millions


Globe readies for mobile data explosion.New 4G network to harness smartphone capabilities

Globe Telecom expects smartphone penetration and mobile browsing in the Philippines will continue to rise, fuelled by the growing availability and affordability of more smartphone models in the market, as well as the popularity of internet browsing and social networking among Filipinos.

A report by research firm GfK Asia showed that the Philippines posted the highest growth for the region’s smartphone market, making-up nearly 30% of all mobile phones purchased in the Philippines in the first quarter of 2012. Smartphone volume growth in the country expanded by 203% during the previous quarter, triple the original figure during the same period in 2011.

Smartphone usage in the country has been on the uptrend, buoyed by the introduction of entry level smartphone models by device manufacturers as well as China-made OEM (original equipment manufacturer) brands at retail prices that are already at or even below the USD100 price point.

For Globe alone, about 19% of its subscriber base own smartphones, or almost 6 million as of end-2011. Globe also cited that the growing preference for smartphones will increase the use of mobile internet within the next three years driven by the availability of data plans ranging from prepaid daily variants to unlimited postpaid plans. Social networking, the use of mobile applications (apps), and mainstream adoption of e-mail have also been significantly contributing to the growth of mobile internet in the country.

“There is great opportunity in the market today as the current set-up of telco networks in the Philippines is not yet ideal for smartphones. Smartphones hinge their performance on the network infrastructure it runs on. We want to give our customers the best network that enriches their mobile internet experience so network quality is important. You may have the widest coverage, but consumers today need a network with the capacity and resiliency to handle growing demand for mobile data use,” said Cu.

Globe is fast-tracking the roll-out of its network modernization program which carries the 4G HSPA+ and LTE-ready network, compatible with many of the smartphones and other mobile devices set to launch in the Philippine market. The re-planning of the network is engineered to maximize the capacity and capabilities of smartphones to deliver unparalleled user experience, from seamless streaming of high-definition videos to receiving real time e-mail on their devices, on top of the essential mobile services such as instantaneous SMS transmissions and exceptional quality of calls.

Globe has already doubled its activated sites for HSPA+ from last year. More key activations will be done in the coming months, not only in NCR but also in North Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao. Globe is also geared to deploy LTE this year.

Soooooo proud to be part of the Globe Family!!!!!!


  1. love that ad of globe so true so inspiring and i prepare globe morethan other


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