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I left my heart in ISLA RETA Talikud Island

This is what I mean by saving the best for last.I have long wanted to visit Davao City primarily because I was very curious about its Southern neighbor---Samal Island.

Contrary to popular misconception,Samal Island is not part of Davao City.Otherwise called "Island Garden City of Samal" ,it is a separate Municipality.What's good about Samal though is that it's very near Davao City.It could be seen from the naked eye from the city and could be accessed via boat from either Sta.Ana or Sta.Rita wharf's,of which travel time could take at least 30-45minutes on the the nearest destination. I had to say that so as you would understand why boat schedules to and from the island are limited and tricky.You see,the schedule is based on the average volume of locals going to and from the island.In short,if you are a tourist,you need to go with the schedule of the locals and not the other way around.

Passenger boats are kinda big and could carry around one hundred passengers at a time.Our chosen destination was not in the main island but in a smaller island they call TALIKUD which lies west of Samal.Talicud is known for a couple of beautiful beaches,one of which being ISLA RETA.
 I lelt my heart in ISLA RETA Talikud Island

We took the earliest boat leaving Sta.Ana wharf,9am.The trip lasted for 45 minutes and the weather was perfectly sunny that day.

Isla Reta has its own port.The boat docks and wait there as it will be the same boat that you take on your way back to Davao City.

All of us were looking at the stretch of the beach (which I guess is more or less 1km long) while the boat slowed down and made its way to the dock.I reckon the foreign tourists we were with in the boat already imagined themselves stripping and sunbathing the moment the saw the beach from afar.I knew we were going to enjoy the place.
We immediately proceed to one of the talisay trees dotting the beach.I am not sure if I can remember a beach with talisay trees lining the beach front rather than the usual coconut trees.By the looks of it,the trees have been around for years as they are already fully grown.They provide a good shade from the scorching sun.

Entrance to Isla Reta is 75 pesos per person for day tour.I noticed though that the owners or at least,the staff in charge that day are not the type who would approach you upon stepping at the property and ask for the fees.Nobody actually approach us for us and not until I went to the resto to order lunch that I was collected for it.So you get the sense that you own the place.

We brought with us all our luggage as we decided to check in to another hotel once we return to the city.


The word crowded doen't exist in Isla Reta.Our boat wasn't full that day and the same people at the boat are the same people you see at the beach.Noticed that there were some people who were already there when we came though.My hunch was that they were checked in there.It was originally my plan to stay in Isla Reta overnight but accommodation in the resort is really simple.No a/c rooms.The best that you can have is either kubo or concrete fan room.I thought the beach is too beautiful the accommodation doesn't add up.

 That's one thing the resort should look into.What about those guests who want the comfort of a well furnished airconditioned room?There should be something for everybody.I think they need an investor.If I were only rich.But yeah,Isla Reta Resort is too beautiful the accommodations could't give justice to it.Also No electricity during the day but our gadgets were still fully charged that day so we hardly noticed.



Since there are tables and benches under the talisay trees,it's so convenient to eat along the beach.What most people do is buy food in Davao city coz ordering food in the resort is understandably more expensive of course .We were out of time to do that so we had no choice.

We ordered pork sinigang and Pok Kawali.They have big servings of sinigang which overwhelmed the two of us.Yeah,it was kinda pricey but I thought it was part of the overall experience.I mean,the food that you buy from the city has a city feel and taste.It's still different if you order food they offer at the resort you go to.Also better is hot and freshly served.

It would have been more perfect though if they offer seafood in the menu.I love eating shrimps and crabs on a beach setting.Kaso wala. :(

We hit the beach a few minutes after eating lunch.Time for some tan!!!!

We also strolled around the Southern tip of the beach front which is the more rugged part.This is we spent more time together,away from our companions.It felt like we were here for just a while (even if I know we have been on water for hours) when the boat started blowing its horn.Lakas makasira ng momentum.hahaha

the cottages on the southern side of Isla Reta
The boat left the island 3pm and I felt like our stay was too short.I guess I am not used to leaving a beach before sunset.Saying good bye to a beautiful place like this at 3pm when the sun is still high in the horizon makes you feel like your mom forcing you to go home from a party at 7pm when things are just heating up.Something in me felt violated.I knew we had to leave for the city but my heart was asking for more.I was nostalgic as soon as the boat left the dock.I know I will be coming back one day.Yes,I left my heart in ISLA RETA.

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  1. ang ganda... a must-have sa itinerary ng davao.. :P

  2. spell PARAISO ganda nmn tlaga

  3. In fairness, nag improve na ang menu nila. =) I feel the same, leaving Isla Reta at 3pm seems so sayang. Honestly, I did not appreciate Isla Reta when I was younger pero nung bumalik ako a few years ago, I really had second thoughts (and second opinion?), hehehe!

  4. Anton, we will visit Isla Reta this weekend. Nice pics! can't wait na, super excited :-) thanks for sharing this article.

  5. Your pics really gave us a whole pic on what we're going to expect in Isla Reta next month. Thanks for posting this.

  6. Your pics gave us a whole picture of what we're going to expect in Isla Reta next month. Thanks for this post.:)


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