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MIDORI Inn DAVAO:new and green

We thought of trying another easy-on-the-budget accommodation in Davao City after spending the first night in the Royale House so that I could have another suggestion to my readers.

Our friend Jd actually made phone reservations in Green Windows but it didn't turn pleasant.The receptionist was "mataray" so we walked away.Good thing Jd was around to save the day.We ended in MIDORI Inn along J.Camus extension.

Midori Inn 
MIDORI Inn J.Camus Extension Davao


The place is really good.Still in the category of budget accommodation but with a modern appeal.Well,it's new.I think they've been around for a year or less.I like these new budget accommodations sprouting all over the country,they are chick and cheap.We had our room for 1,420 pesos.


I actually asked if they can give us discount.We came from Samal and it was already 5pm when we walked in and we were set to leave 4am the next day for a 5am flight back to Manila.To no avail.It's not a motel to start with and so I just paid one thousand bucks with a little guilt that we'll just sleep in it for a few hours (most of the night pa we spend outside to salvage the remaining hours in Davao City.

Still worth a blog entry.The place is new so its really clean.Their rooms are a little small but the bed is really nice.Queen size,clean and soft sheets plus.Parang 5-star bed.I had a very good sleep.
I noticed that the sockets are mismatch with location of the bed.
You don't have any table to place your gadgets should you have to charge em

I thought not so many people have discovered Midori Inn coz I hardly noticed any guest that day.Oh,I think I saw two.Midori Inn is a member of Green Hotels Association.Meaning,they have a commitment of serving and saving the planet.Water conservations,energy efficiency and stuff.

There is one weird notice that I saw at the reception area though.It says "we value the sanctity of marriage.umarried couples will not be accommodated by the establishment".Good thing they didn't ask for our marriage certificate coz we didn't bring ours.haha

I highly recommend Midori Inn,it's walking distance from the People's Park,actually around three blocks away so it's a good setoff point to any destination in the city.



  1. ngee paano yun pag mag syota ang gustong mag stay sa kanila? haha

  2. ok to ah! kaso baka hanapan kmi ng marriage cert hahaah!! gs2 ko ung pagka picture mo sa photo6!! I like!!!! :)

  3. The word "Midori" is actually a japanese term which means "Green" hehe :D

  4. ano ung mga interesting spot in Davao na malapit dito?

  5. Thank you for your nice feedback in our hotel. Thanks also for sharing the word about Midori. We just had our FB page up and we hope you could like it as well. You will be the first blogger that we are featuring. Thanks!


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