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Lechon Overload at ZUBU CHON Mactan

I thought I love lechon.But now I am having second thoughts.Or maybe this is my karma.I love lechon so much that i always forget my wife is not a fan of it.

Here's what happened.We were checked in at Crimson Resort and Hotel which is a comfortable 100-peso distance from the hotel.Despite the objection from my wife,I was able to convince her to go out of teh resort and check out dining places in Mactan Island. I was suggested to go to ZUBU CHON in Islands Stay Mactan.

This is what they say in their facebook page:  "We source our pigs from backyard raisers all over the province, are fed 100% organic feeds a week before they are cooked to totally cleanse the pigs’ systems." Good! :D

Lechon Overload at ZUBU CHON Mactan




We ordered the basics, ZUBUCHON of course, their lechon bestseller.

Zubuchon uses the old-fashioned way of roasting pig. That means the pig is accupunctured and cooked manually. The pigs are staked on bamboo poles and roasted over charcoal.They say that this process gives a richer and better taste to the lechon.I didn't notice that though, I am sorry.Or maybe it was just me that night?But seriously, I thought there was nothing special or different about it from the lechon that my uncles in pangasinan cook on special family occassions. Hmmmmm.But it's delictable of course,it's just that I didn't notice anything special.That's all.:)

1/2 kilo --260pesos 

The Zubuchon dinuguan is good.Because I love dinuguan.So this is  LECHON na DINUGUAN.So, lechon parin.It get's sickening though if you eat too much of it.:) Or is sickening too much of a word? Nakakasawa,nakaka-umay.There!
Zubuchon Dinuguan --190pesos
with pure meat,no intestines or innards

Iba (Kamias) --90 pesos

The Iba (Kamias) is good.At least its different.Maiba naman sa usual na ice tea and soda drinks. (But we still ordered one iced-tea drink that night.Tigas ng

So what they say as the selling point of this kamias drink? -----Kamis  (cucumber tree)  is packed with Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron and hydrates your body because of its high moisture content.It us used in some villages in India to control obesity and is being studies for its anti-fat”properties.


Maybe it was the sauces which spoiled the supposed to be delectable encounter with Cebu Lechon.The sauces in ZUBUCHON are placed in cute containers. Vinegar,Soy sauce and something like sweet chili. Can't remember the red one.I was too accustomed with SARSA ( liver sauce?) that I felt violated when I started dipping the lechon in those sauces available at the table.I was actually dumb so I asked one of the waiters to help me on how to mix the three ( I thought you have or can mix them to come up with a magic suace of some sort ya know) but she was too irritated with my question she just said something like ---just choose and that's it.I saw the irritated expression on her face as she left.
I tried to convince myself that a different sauce for lechon would work for me.I failed.And so I asked if they have liver sauce (diko natiis) meron naman pala! They gave me a small amount of Sarsa but that spelled the difference.I eventually enjoyed my Zubuchon....until.............

 ZUBUCHON Mactan is located at the ground floor of Islands Stay Hotel Mactan.

You saw a lot of the the usual PUSANGKALYE rants here but its not to say that it was because of the food outlet's fault.It was more of a result-of-my-dumbness-with-food kinda stuff which caused the less than 1005 satisfaction with the experience.Although I admit,it would have been better if the clerks were a little more friendly and assisting.

Yeah,if you are a lechon lover, ZUBUCHON is the place to be.if you are not so much of a fan like my wife, be careful with what you order.You might end up in a LECHON OVERLOAD like what happened to us. :)

PS: Don't make the mistake of ordering an all lechon meal.They offer a couple of desserts to counter the umay-effect  which we unfortunately didn't notice.Can I blame the clerk again, when I asked ---puro lechon? as I was looking at the menu in small font sizes,she said yes.I was too lazy to scan the menu further. Ayun, naumay tuloy kami.hahahha



  1. i love lechon.. actually, yan talaga ang hindi pinapalampas sa cebu.. matry nga din jan...

  2. Sarap! I tried this when we were in Cebu and te balat is so crunchy. :)

  3. Haha. Kalahating kilo ba naman na lechon tapos may dinuguan pa ang kinain nyo. Next time, lechon lang dapat! :)

    Hey, just walking distance from Zubuchon (Islands Stay), you may also want to try AA BBQ. Ang sarap ng barbecue nila at ang MURA!

    Check my post here

  4. lechon!! sarap peo gang laman lng ako di ko kaya ung maxadong balat ewan ko nauumay ako haha

  5. Why do I have this weird generalization in my mind that people in Cebu are not very nice. This post firms up what I also experienced when I went there. Tsk tsk


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