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Nicki Minaj PINK FRIDAY MANILA Concert

I am sooooooo having NICKI MINAJ hangover now.It took a while to sink.When Globe invited me last week saying I got a VIP ticket to the PINK FRIDAY MANILA Concert,I even almost turned it town.You see,I have been absent a lot of times from work and I am starting to get worried I might be unemployed soon if this bad attendance continues.But I am thankful I have good friends,they reminded me I am lucky and I should grab it.My students from South Korea understand and they even said they envy me.But as I said,it didn't sink until a few hours before the concert that I am actually going to watch Nicki Minaj.

Onika Tanya Maraj aka Nicki Minaj is a Trinidadian-born American rapper, singer, songwriter and voice actress.She is the first female solo artist to have seven singles on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time.Her seventh single SUPER BASS is a certified quadruple-platinum in sales.That's how Big she is and although I am not a die hard fan,who am I to resist?

One more thing, people are willing to kill just to see her.It's no easy feat.Nicki Minaj was literally bought by Globe Telecom and Blackberry Philippines to perform exclusively for Globe and Blackberry users.That said, those who have purchased Blackberry within the promo period automatically got tickets to the event.

I am a certified Blackberry fanatic of course but I have mine December last year so I was out of the promo period.Thanks to Globe though for having me over.It pays being an ambassador :)
MALL OF ASIA Arena at night 

It took me me 3.5 hours to get to Mall of Asia Areana (The Arena) from Binangonan where I live. No ordinary three hours if I may say.Everybody knows how commuting in Manila during rush hour could get hellish.Had to transfer different modes of transportation just to get my sweaty ass in the venue.But it was all worth it.
Globe literally bought (not brought) Nicki Minaj to Manila for its subscribers :)
The concert didn't start at 8pm as scheduled.That's good coz that bought me time to grab some snacks at the indoor Starbucks outlet. Almost missed the opening number because of the long queues.
When I got back inside the hall,Nicki Minaj was already singing and the screaming has started.The energy of the crowd was overflowing. Naka-red bull ang mga bagets!nyahaha.Thanks to the flood of young, passionate people.I actually commend Globe and Blackberry.They filled the 20,000-seater arena.Yeah,it was a full house!

And that energy was sustained all throughout the concert. And Nicki Minaj felt the warmth of Filipino welcome.She made the love sign many times during the concert.Proof that she felt the love of her Filipino fans.
At one point,she even mentioned that Manila reminds her of her hometown Trinidad and Tobago,especially when she saw Manila Bay. To the delight of the whole Arena of course.

The concert was kinda short but it was one hell of a night just the same! Nicki Minaj brought the house down!

Here is a video of her final song SUPER BASS which I took with my phone.Enjoy!!!

Also my congratulations and thanks to Krizelle Marie Pari-an for doing correspondents with us during the PRESSCON with Nicki Minaj on the same day of the concert, July 11,2012, 11am at Diamond Hotel.Below is a snapshot of Nicki Minaj as she was handed a Blackberry phone by Blackberry Philippines. Cheers!!!

PS:if you are wondering why with sharp photos? I know dslr cameras are not allowed inside the Mall of Asia Arena unless you have a media or press pass but I was able to sneak in mine.Forgive me Globe for this but I really couldn't resist doing it for my readers.yay!

Again,Congratulations Globe and Blackberry for a job well done! And thank you NICKI MINAJ for bringing the PINK FRIDAY MANIA in Manila! I am now a fan!!!!!



  1. mamamamy nicki minaj haha gusto ko tlga sya haha

  2. sweet article :) how close were u? or did u have a box seat?

  3. do you know the agency of the promo girls and guys of globe in the nicki minaj pink friday concert?

  4. kelan kaya sya magpapalit ng kulay ng buhok. heheheh. starships!

  5. the concert was really amazing! :D

  6. How did you manage to sneak your dslr?

  7. I'd like to ask how you were able to sneak your SLR in? Did you stuff it in your bag with all other belongings? Please reply. :)

  8. Hi. How did you sneak your dslr in?


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