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NUAT THAI LIBIS: Massage I would recommend in its price category

I know I badly need a massage again.My back muscles are so stiff it hurts.Damn,hobby ko na ata magpa-massage! But I guess I am not the only one.Along with progress comes the changing nature of work for most of us.You know how often I complain about staying long hours in front of the computer but I can't do anything to change that.

That's why I frequent Saunas and Massage shops.One of which is the latest discovery,Nuat Thai in Libis Quezon City just across Shopwise before Eastwood if you are coming from Pasig area.


On first impression,it is typical of the many Spa Centers sprouting around the city like fast food chains.But interior is rather cozy and well maintained.I actually asked the person in charge if they are a new branch.I was surprised to know that they've been around for more than a year.That speaks of how well they maintain the place I guess coz I thought they are newly opened.
I find it cozy coz the place is really quiet.The lights inside are muted which means clients/guests can feel relaxed while having massage.The whole place smells good.Even in the restrooms.Aroma oils do work wonders.

And they have Wi-fi too!Just in case you need to stay connected while having your therapy.(especially foot massage) But I do suggest you simply relax and enjoy it :)
this is one of Nuat Thai Libis' rooms for Thai Massage
where the brand is known for

We tried foot massage first,something me and my wife don't usually do.I suddenly remember what she always tell me that the foot is the most neglected part of the human body.Take it from the PE teacher. And it's true.We often think it's not very important.Amazingly foot massage in Nuat Thai is a must try.

We were taken into this small room by our therapists,a new section I reckon where they wash your foot carefully in preparation to the massage.We were then lead to the foot massage area,a dark room with cozy chairs.
My wife dozed of only a few minutes after her therapist started.I tried hard to fight the temptation of sleeping as I wanted to make sure the therapist do as he has to do and give the proper pressure I require.I actually do that,even during massage,I try to stay awake no matter what.

The foot massage lasted for 30minutes and was good.I had this misconception before that when you have full body massage,there's no need to be specific on the feet.But it's still different coz foot massage focuses on the pressure points.I heard nodule pop while my masseur increased the pressure.It was relieving indeed.

We were then directed to another for our full body massage.No couples room so my wife and I had had to go separate ways.This was my massage room.....
I was surprised to discover that they have shower room inside. The room is also used for body scrub.But they also have a common shower room just in case you really need to clean yourself before the therapy.
Been to so many massage centers in the Metro,outside Manila and in another country too so I have try so many hands and so many massage styles.(I hope I didn't make myself sound kinky there.hahaha.This place is clean,literally and clean massage only please. ) It is therefore hard not to compare and in that case rate the quality of massage each has to offer.While the massage I had with Nuat Thai  may not be the best I tried,it smacks right into the "massage I would recommend in its price category".

Nuat Thai Food massage is for only 250php (1 hour) and their Full Body Hot Oil Massage is only 550 pesos.That's good for 1.5 hours.My wife and I tried hot stone massage which is valued at 700php for 1.5 hours.I usually ask for the opinion of my wife as I know that we have different needs and therefore satisfaction level.She said she just met one of the best therapists in town and she highly recommended that I try her next time."Her name is Sam, look for Sam" she said.Will do.


The Spa is located on the 2nd floor of a 2-storey building just above Alied bank and RCBC.It's right beside The Nail Room just in case you need some pampering with those nails.

It is along C5 so it's very accessible for both private and public vehicles.Nuat Thai Libis is pusangkalye approved!
More info on their Facebook page here:

DISCLOSURE: .As a personal policy so as not to compromise my credibility and the welfare of my readers ,I tell establishments that I reserve the right not to write about the brand/service should it be unsatisfactory.
We were invited over by Nuat Thai to try their massage.I am glad this is one establishment I can recommend to my readers!:)

open Mon - Sun 12:00NN-2am
For Inquiries,call: 4775004


  1. nice find.. lapit lang samin.. ;)

  2. Natry naman namin Nuat Thai Tomas Morato. I think it's bigger cause it's two floors and they had couple rooms.

  3. dame ko kiliti di ko ata kaya magpamasahe haha

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  5. we will try those massages this Sat with my bf.cant wait! ;)


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