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The Butterfly House and the CROCODILE PARK Davao exposed my ignorance for butterflies and reptiles

We landed in Davao at around 2pm,an hour after leaving Cebu City.I was too excited to explore the attractions in Davao City and surrounding areas.I was thinking of going to Eden Park and Samal Island.

I was told by our friend Jd,a local of Davao City that it would be difficult given the 3days/2nights stay.The reason,Eden Park is an hour away from downtown on one direction and Samal Island is also approximately an hour away on another direction.To add to that,Eden Park is now accessible only via private vehicle or taxi which costs 600pesos one way while Samal Island could be accessed via boat on a limited trips.

I tried hard to fit everything in our schedule but twas impossible,so we had to choose one to be visited the next day.We decided to stay in the city overnight.

One of the main reason was because we wanted to meet Jd and another friend Cj over dinner.I was surprised when Jd suddenly called me in the afternoon.He decided to fetch us and took us to Zorb Park,then to Crocodile Park,the Butterfly House and later on to the hill overlooking the city.(de kotse pala ang lolo :)

I would to speak of the Crocodile Park and the Butterfly House Davao first.
The two attractions are side by side each other.The Crocodile Park was our destination after Zorbing.
I know this is so field trip but I thought it was definitely a good idea rather than waste time in the hotel.I never thought I would be staring at crocodiles in captivity at my age.I have resisted many times to go to crocodile parks such as that of Puerto Princesa.I am not a fan of reptiles.

But I was in the Crocodile Park and I had no choice.I toild myself I might as well enjoy the experience.Amazingly,I did.I wanna say that I realized how fierce these crocodiles are indeed.I never
thought they could jump that high!

There are various animals in the Park.There's this eagle and my wife said there's also a tiger somewhere.I was too lazy to go around and explore.My bad!
We paid 200 pesos per head inclusive of shows, Animal Petting, Crocodile Feeding,Pangil's Feeding (Pangil is the star of the Crocodile park being the biggest there), Crocodile dancing and Tightrope walking (see photo above).Yeah,kuya walked through the rope while the crocodiles below were praying he would fall and serve as their meal.But he was obviously well trained for it so nothing tragic happened.Fortunately.The sight of seeing the crocodiles go after pork meat tossed at them is enough for me. :)

We also tried the Davao Butterfly House nearby.(inclusive of the 200 peso rate) Field trip peg uli.Yet,another interesting part.Never saw this many butterflies in a single place.


I was particularly joyful when I saw a couple of butterflies on a plate with cut bananas,their tongue's sticking out sucking the juice from the fruit.Ang haba pala ng dila nila!hahaha. And I didn't know they like bananas.:)


Also saw this section where some butterflies are being nursed.
These are good attractions If you want to learn a little more about butterflies and reptiles.I thought I already knew enough.Turns out I was still ignorant about many when it comes to reptiles and butterflies.Damn,still had to travel to Davao to learn about these stuff.Well,it's never too late to learn.:)

Davao Crocodile Park and the Butterfly House Davao are located in Riverfront,Corporate City, Diversion Road,Ma-a Davao City.

PS: Thanks Jd for the ride!!!! Iba na ang may kotse. :)

for more details call:
082.301-5465 or 082.286-8883


  1. wow, mapuntahan din to.. salamat sa details..

  2. di pa ko nakakhawak ng ahas haha anyways astig nung mga butterfly pati ung pupa galing

  3. How Nice Maam~! Nakaka inspire pumunta =)))


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