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DAVAO ZORB PARK:rolling,rolling in an Orb Ball

There was a lot of buzz about this Giant Ball in Davao where you get inside and roll.Yeah,it's an orb.Zorbing originally became famous in New Zealand.Now,it's in Davao City.Being the "inggetero" that I am,I told myself I want to try it myself.Or maybe I wanted it for my wife.I was not sure if my back would handle it.

I made research prior to our trip and learned that the area with which DAVAO ZORB PARK is located is not very friendly for a commute.Good thing we have a kind friend in Davao City,JD,and he took us there with his car.It saved us not only the taxi fare but precious time as well.
Zorbing and back pains
  zorbing at DAVAO ZORB PARK

Then come the encounter and the decision to go for it finally.That after the assurance that I will be strapped safely so no need to worry about getting hurt.Each orb can accommodate only 2 people at the same time.In this case,me and my wife.We were face to face with my back on the slope where the ball will be rolled.


The zorb is double-sectioned, with one ball inside the other with an air layer between. It serves a shock absorber.
ZORBING_zorb in Davao
And so they pushed the ball and the concept of which is up and down evaporated.I was supposed to feel a little nervous.I wanted to force myself to at least fake it but I failed.I was laughing and laughing instead.The reason is because my wife was so "over acting" with her screaming that I was more concened as to whether my ear can handle it or not.hahaha.kidding


Well good thing she was screaming hard.She got me so amused I felt like doing it again.Nah!I think one round in the Zorb is enough.After all,that would be another 200 pesos per person for another round.hahaha


It was a lot of fun.It's bumpy yet safe and doesn't hurt a bit.The zorb rolled for a few seconds and that's it.We were still rolling inside it when it stopped and our straps were removed.We were like kids again.And my wife?She was all sweat.She confessed later on that she wasn't aware of Zorbs and she had not idea we were going to do it.Oh,did I fail to mention to her or maybe she was not paying attention when I said it.Either way,hers was a case of "fun in not knowing".

 my wife with the JD, the mysterious blogger from Davao City.hahaha

Davao Zorb Park is located near the entrance of the Riverfront Corporate City, Diversion Road, Maa, Davao Cit.

Davao Crocodile Park and a few other attractions were located in the same area and that's where we were headed next.Field trip ito!!!!!hahaha.More on that next time :)

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