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The ROYALE HOUSE DAVAO:Cheap Accommodation without Sacrificing Comfort

It was our first time in Davao City and the first thing I had to decide was the type of accommodation we will book.I though it would not be wise to go for an expensive hotel as we plan to explore the city and nearby Samal Island.I asked my friends and they immediately recommended Royale House Davao to us.It was a good decision.

Going for a luxury accommodation would just be a setback.It's either it will be too comfortable you wouldn't think of going out or that it is too expensive,you would feel guilty leaving and spending most of the 24 hours outside the hotel.
the ROYALE_house_DAVAO

With a room for 1,000php or less, you get to have all that you need of a decent but affordable accommodation. Soft bed,clean linens, spacious room, table and chair inside should you bring in food,cable tv, hot and cold shower,spacious closet,plus a complimentary set meal for breakfast.The set meal is basic but with this rate,what more can you ask for?

The place is famous for backpackers and groups.


The Hotel Lobby


The Open Space

I admit being a smoker,so open spaces like the one in front of our room in The Royale House Davao are a welcome thing.It certainly puts a glow on my face everytime.It's not only that,it gives a feel of being in an place which could breath.I don't like spaces where I feel crowded and don't get enough fresh air.I usually lazy around,sit somewhere and think.I usually do that before going to bed and digest the day that was before finally calling it a night.I remember staying here for a few minutes on our first night in Davao.These time-with-myself moments are precious to me :)


Again,let me reiterate on the basic necessities.

GOOD BED--check!

CABLE TV--check!


The location is really important to me.I have usually go away on short trips and it would be a disaster if a lot of it would just go on the road due to bad location. Jump out of the door and you will find yourself inside the jeepney or taxi.Key tourist spots are within a square mile.At least in the downtown area.You will find out later in my Davao2012 Series that some of the major attractions in Davao City are far downtown.Ini-effortan talaga bago marating.But at least,The Royale House is located along major jeepney routes.Best of all,it's minutes away from the seaport leading to Samal Island.

Now that is very important,given the limited boats going to and from Samal Island on a given day.


There are so many things to explore in Davao City and Samal Island that if it is your first time in the city, staying at an expensive hotel might not be a good idea. The Royale House has all the basic comforts that you need. Cheap Accommodation without Sacrificing Comfort.

Pusangkalye recommends The Royale House  as a practical choice when in Davao City.Enjoy!!!!

Watch out for my next entries.Davao2012 Series has just started :)



  1. nice nice accomodation. sana makapag davao me at dyan din me mag-attempt to stay

  2. ako din pag makapunta ng davao diyan ako mag stay..

  3. Wow new affordable accommodation finds in Davao. I like the amenities and facilities- it looks new to me. I might try here if I had Davao trip again for a 2nd time.


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